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In 2003, I attended an International conference on Diabetes conducted by RSSDI in Hilton Tower, Mumbai. Many endocrinologist, managing Director of diabetic centers, senior trend setter diabetologist's / doctors were their, many papers were read in Maharani hall on different aspect of diabetes. But my attention was especially caught, when a Japanese doctor stressed on 'Poor compliance of medication, diet and exercise in Diabetes'. I think it was the relevant title for doctors as well as diabetic patient.

During lunch break, I asked one of my known colleague, do you think these research papers (expect poor compliance), as presented, are they really useful, and how will they benefit, both, doctors and diabetic patients respectively, and why we all should not think from grass route level?

When I reached my home town thinking repeatedly, how we can do this?

Then, I surfed about international efforts (including WHO, IDF, American Diabetic Association) about awareness and found not only in Asian countries, but developed countries also have same problem. Its solutions are not effectively working, in Asian countries where diabetics are going to be epidemic, intensive efforts are required, where work are still on paper only.

But how it can, is the big question? Then, I read a statement central Government of India in national news paper. Now, blood Sugar (Fasting & PP) and blood pressure checkups will be mandatory of all Indian after the age of 40 years in all national government hospitals. Two impression comes in my mind –

It is not a easy exercise, due to various reasons.

When their is no awareness, then why & how will people go for getting their blood sugar and blood pressure levels tests.

Data base of all diabetic and none diabetic patients is again big problem.

Then again big question-

  1. How we can increase the awareness?
  2. How patients will know the complexity of diabetes?
  3. How they will know the myths about diabetes?

I reviewed my interactions with patients, and what type of problems I face in my clinical practice, are undermentioned –

  1. Most of the patients don't accept diabetes, so they go for myths.
  2. Most of the diabetic Patients don't take diabetes seriously.
  3. Self medication or modification in medication is again a big problem.
  4. Don't know the Importance of compliance.
  5. How much diabetic complications are serious and expensive.
  6. How we can reduces diabetic emergencies and disabilities.

So, in my opinion awareness is only one solution, which will cover all aspect of diabetes and our focus on the same only.

I knew when this article will be read by my colleagues, some of them may raise their brows and some may criticize. But, I will request all of them, it is just a preliminary thought, and a beginning. The organized database of diabetic patients are hidden in 'How Factor'.

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