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Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetes becomes a common disease or a difficulty among most of the people. It is actually an excess variation in the glucose level in the blood of your body. Glucose is an important component in your body to provide energy to the cells. The increased variation of the sugar level happens due to the non production or the insulin resistance in the body cells. Insulin is a hormone which converts the glucose from the food we consume to energy for the cells. There are many symptoms showing the origin of this difficulty such as, frequent urination, excess thirst and intense hunger etc. Earlier, it was only affected to the adults, but scientific studies prove that this disease is affected to the children and started eating their life. The reason for the origin of this disease differs in each person. There are several rumors generating among the people that genetic cause reasons as the beginning of this dilemma in several people. There are mainly three types of diabetes. They are:

Type 1 Diabetes (T1D): This is caused when the pancreas does not make the insulin hormone. Thus, the glucose emerged from the food we consume does not convert to energy. It directly elevates the glucose level and demolishes the cells. It is mainly occurred either by birth or during the early childhood ages. Therefore, it came to be known as Juvenile or early onset diabetes. There is no particular cure for this lifelong disease. The techniques of transplantation such as pancreas transplantation, islet cell transplantation, artificial pancreas and gene manipulation are executed as a measure to cure this disease. But, the operation for success recovery of this disease is quite risky and the possibility for its cure is lower. The main symptom indicating this disease is tiredness, confusion, dizziness, anxiety and fever. If you are child showing any of the above signs, never leave it as a natural and common disease.

Type 2 Diabetes (T2D): This is the main category of the disease in which about 80 percentage of the total patients are affected from. This is caused commonly among the people of adulthood. Therefore, it is known as adult onset diabetes. But, the recent status in the increase of the diabetes in children proves that this type is equally entered in to the life of children. Healthy diet, regular exercise and intake of proper medicines is considered as the three factor to be included in the life of the disease affected one. If any of this get un managed, it would result in this difficulty. This is caused when the insulin is not used properly by the cells or the cells resist the insulin hormone. If this category of the disease is not managed effectively could shorten your lifespan and lead to many complications. Pre diabetes is the early form of this category.

Gestational diabetes: This kind is seen among the pregnant women. It is usually temporary in nature by affecting during the pregnancy and alleviate soon after. If sufficient care is not given, it can result in severe harmful effects either to the mother or the born baby. Therefore maintaining a healthy diet and doing proper exercises related to pregnancy would keep aside this difficulty. It is diagnosed when testing the sugar level during the period of pregnancy.

There is no absolute cure for this disease. Ensuring proper diet and regular physical fitness with sufficient medication is the good option for the proper management of this difficulty. Before taking any step for this, consult the advice of your doctor.

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