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Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetes is a disease not sings where the body Produce insulin (a hormone Regulator of blood sugar) or the insulin is not sufficient Produced or the insulin does not work well. Therefore, it will, cause blood sugar to exposure.

There are two main types namely Diabetes Disease:

* Disease Type 1 Diabetes

A state where the body was completely unable to produce the hormone insulin. So that people with diabetes must use insulin injections to regulate blood sugar. Most people with diabetes is a disease of Children and Adolescents.

* Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

Because of the difficulty the pancreas produces insulin; the insulin should be added every day. Generally by insulin injections. Whether the Treatment sing be administered orally? Can not, because the insulin sing be destroyed in the stomach is inserted inhibit near it through the mouth.

Another way is to improve the function of the pancreas. If the pancreas bird return to normal function, the pancreas sing Meet the Needs of the body insulin Needs.

* Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes occurs because the body does not Produce enough insulin or insulin sing because not be Used properly (insulin resistance). This type of diabetes is a disease that affects currently most (90% more), often occur in Those Aged over 40 years, overweight and have a family history of diabetes.

* Type 2 Diabetes Treatments

Treatment Type 2 diabetes is to force the work function of the pancreas that sing Produce more insulin. If the pancreas sings Produce Needs insulin the body, then the blood sugar drop from Tomorrow Levels sings it be converted into energy. In Many Cases, bird be treated by taking pills, At least initially, to stimulate the pancreas to Produce more insulin. The pill itself is not insulin.

However, the pancreas insulin sing near Produce forced constantly tired. The best way to Cope with type 2 diabetes is a disease with a good Diet to lose weight and sugar levels, accompanied by Appropriate Exercise.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Those who suffer from diabetes often show symptoms of disease as follows:

* Thirsty and drink a lot

* Hungry and eat a lot

* Frequent passing of small again

* Weight Loss

* Blurry eyes

* If injured, take longer to recover.

* Easy to Infection skin (itching), Urinary tract and gums

* Pain or numbness in hands or feet

* Body feels weak

* Easy sleepy

Causes of Diabetes

The following Factors sing cause a Person at Risk for diabetes

* Heredity

* Obesity usually occurs at the age of 40 years sing lead to diabetes

Also high blood Pressure * sing lead to diabetes

* Figures Triglycerides (a type of fat molecule) High

* High cholesterol Levels

* Modern lifestyles are likely to consume the food instant

* Smoking and Stress

* Consume carbohydrates sing too many lead to diabetes

* Damage to pancreatic cells

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