Brittle Diabetes

Additional Diabetes Information:

In the United States alone approximately 25.8 million people have diabetes. That is about 8.3% of the American population. As these numbers continue to climb, it is important for individuals to understand exactly what is diabetes.

This is a serious condition in which an individual's blood sugar is not managed correctly by the body. There are basically two types of diabetes. Type I diabetics have a condition which causes their body to not produce sufficient insulin which can cause high blood sugar. Type II diabetics suffer from the inability to process insulin correctly resulting in higher or lower blood glucose levels.

How Can You Control It?

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with it, there are a number of things you can do to control the disease. Eating right, exercising, and following the diabetes diet can assist you in successfully managing diabetes. There are also a number of tools for diabetics online which offer information and assistance with diabetes diet management, medications, and tips on how you can control the disease.

Tools for Diabetics:

Some of the tools offered include books, pamphlets, and online examples of the diets that are suggested by specialists in endocrinology, blood sugar logging, diabetes diet management and food intake logging, lists of suggested foods and eating patterns, and exercise plans. In addition, there are various support groups and family assistance programs which provide information as well. Whether you are intersted in managing diabetes for yourself or for a loved one, the tools offered online can provide you with accurate and helpful information to assist you.

One online site which offers an abundance of free services as . With the assistance of Diabetic Connect you can obtain answers to questions like:

How can you control it? How can you follow a healthy diet? How can you access more tools for diabetics? What exercise programs are suggested for diabetics?

Diabetic Connect offers members a free low carb recipe book, information about savings on diabetic medications and testing supplies, and information from experts in order to assist the community with managing diabetes.

More than 400,000 individuals use Diabetic Connect to learn how to follow the diet, gather with others who are suffering from diabetes, and to get answers to their questions. Membership is free, and there is no obligation to purchase anything.

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