Causes Of Type 1 Diabetes

Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetes can be an underlying cause of several ailments and health complications. Most diabetics are not aware of the impact of this disorder. But, a well-informed diabetes patient will exercise restraint. It is a crucial lifestyle change. So, if you are diabetic, here are some cautions you need to take in different aspects of life. This does not preclude a regular visit to tour diabetes clinic, though.

Sugar spikes management:

The biggest challenge of diabetes is managing the rise and the fall in blood sugar levels. Unanticipated blood sugar spikes can affect the overall health of several organ systems. Therefore, a crucial part of a visit to diabetes clinic is familiarising with symptoms and treatment for the same. You can use the following cautionary tips.

  • When you visit diabetes clinic for a consultation, share all details of oral and other medications with your doctor.
  • Follow the doctor's instructions religiously. Your dosage and monitoring must be undertaken as instructed to diminish the blood sugar spikes.
  • Visit a diabetes care center regularly for a health check-up. You must check vital organs bi-annually or annually for warning signs of organ damage.
  • Watch out for any symptoms of high or low blood sugar and treat it immediately as per doctor's instruction.
  • You may consider a visit to diabetes hospital for a check-up if required. However, a visit to diabetes hospital may be unnecessary if you ask the right course of action to your doctor right away.


Diabetics must undertake several daily activities carefully. Travel poses a different kind of challenge. So, you must visit a diabetes care center for a consultation. You need to understand the limits applicable to your case. It will be based on your medical history, travel destination and itinerary. But, here are few generic safety tips.

  • Try to stick to your medication and diet routine.
  • Carry requisite supplies, documentation and glucometer.
  • Inform travel authorities, companions and security personnel.
  • Investigate the food before eating. Pure inquisitiveness is essential if you are traveling abroad.

While travelling to Chennai, some people may want to carry number of diabetes hospital in Chennai as a precaution. However, personal management can suffice if undertaken diligently.

Additional safety tips:

Caution will need to be a way of life, especially if you have an active life. So, here are some generic safety tips for diabetics.

  • Visit a diabetes care center before making any plans of dieting, exercising, travelling, etc.
  • Avoid high-intensity exercises and high glycemic indexed food items.
  • Carry requisite supplies anywhere you go. High or low blood sugar can occur at any point of time. Stay prepared.
  • It is especially vital for diabetes patients to protect their feet. Any injury can be detrimental.

So, understand how diabetes mellitus operates and eliminate factors contributing to the pure chaos. You can live a thriving and safe life with diabetes if you take proper caution.

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