Child Diabetes

Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetes is a common disease that many people affect all corner of world. Hence, type 1 diabetes is a stage that is visible from childhood. Diabetes type 1, or insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus is visible in children which unable to create important hormone insulin. This problem causes from child birth and in early childhood. Such type of diabetes called as autoimmune disease, which is antibodies condition where person unable to differentiate between own body's cell and foreign cells, it happens due to antibodies attack insulin cells of pancreas and destroy.

This disease makes a serious health problem and patient always give important on the symptoms of diabetes in children so that they can easily diagnosis and take necessary steps to treat the condition.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Children.

– Thirst Increased: unexpected thirsty increasing is the first signs of diabetic child. Sometimes, it increases also that child drink excess water when at rest. Sometimes thirst may create stage where children need water in mid of night.

– Increased Urination: Very common sign is experiencing frequent urinates. Frequent urination in children is frequently one of the bad health sign of children that help parent to think type 1 diabetes.

-Increased Hunger: Hunger increase is also another symptom of diabetes in children. The appetite of child may appear many fold when in diabetes. Due to that fact, child frequently feel hunger and require meals at regular break. Anyway, the most alarming is weight that child unable to control weight, and child lose weight continuously.

-Other Symptoms: There are many signs and symptoms help you to know whether your child affect diabetes or not. In case of type 1 diabetes symptoms of children, your child frequently face increase of weakness, tiredness, stomach aches, headaches, behavioral problems, etc. also child face infections and easily falls in ease.

Childhood diabetes symptoms

* Frequent urge to urinate, especially frequent urination at night, as excess glucose in the blood is flushed out.
* Increased thirst and hunger, as cells don't process food properly. Sudden and unexplained weight loss is also seen.
* Severe fatigue and weakness, accompanied by flu-like symptoms.
* Recurring infections and prolonged healing time owing to an impaired immune system.
* Blurring of vision due to increase in glucose levels.
* Feeling lazy and exhausted due to lack of energy.
* Problems in breathing.
* Stomach ache and headache.
* Numbness in hands and feet.
* Irritation and other such behavioral problems.

Above these are very common symptoms of diabetes in children. Sadly, still type 1 diabetes causes hidden for children, though it is believed that genes and some certain environmental factors act vital role as causative agents. It is essential to understand diabetes symptoms, typically some parents those who have family background of diabetes, tend to get worried if they notice their child is facing nonstop urinating, large appetite or losing weight unexpected.

If you seen above warning signs of diabetes, then, it is time to consulate doctor and know perfect diagnosis confirm and take treatment accordingly.

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