Cure For Type 1 Diabetes

Additional Diabetes Information:

Fluctuations in blood glucose levels are the main reason behind suffering from diseases like diabetes. When the human body is not able to synthesize and secrete enough amounts of insulin hormones to break glucose particles into energy, glucose level starts rising in our body. As a result, we end up having diabetes and other associated ailments and ultimately inject insulin from external means. So the key to stay hale and hearty is to keep a check on our blood glucose levels. For one, we should try and inculcate healthy eating habits so that hormonal secretion functions of our boy remains normal. Furthermore, our regular physical activities should be enough to burn out the calories we intake into energy source.

Nonetheless, when one is forced to live a sedentary lifestyle, as a precautionary measure, it is best to constantly monitor one's blood glucose levels. Any variation and immediate medical assistance must be taken before a disease gets chronic. Blood glucose monitor are an important for the treatment of diabetic patients and even for those who want to keep diabetes at bay. Blood glucometers are essential medical instruments that help us in monitoring our blood glucose levels and give instant results. Based on the readings of these devices, one can take insulin or other medications.

Most traditional blood glucometers used to consist of a sterilized disposable prick, a chemically active disposable test strip and a glucometer. Patients are usually pricked on their fingertips to take blood sample and then that sample is monitored in the glucometer to give exact measurements. However, the problem with these conventional methods is that constantly varying glucose levels in blood cannot be measured accurately. Therefore for this purpose, continuous blood glucose monitoring devices are needed.

Also known as continuous sugar monitor or CGM, such devices accurately measure the constant rise and fall of body glucose levels with the help of sensor links, sensors and electronic monitor. The traditional method of taking a blood sample for analysis is not needed in these new age devices. The wireless sensors are attached to the patient's body that detects the blood glucose level by identifying the level of glucose in the interstitial fluids. Based on the data generated from the sensors, correct proportion of insulin is injected to the body. CGMs thus provide complete control over a diabetic's body and indicate sudden risen or fallen blood glucose levels.

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