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Additional Diabetes Information:

Being a doctor i am worried for, where we are lacking to pass the awareness campaigns? And why people are not involving to put their efforts for prevention or pushback diabetes; not only in developing country but even in developed countries.

Recently I saw a 'Road Show on diabetes' of a develop country, it surprised me because few people were involved seriously; when I discussed the same with my colleagues, and we concluded that, now people are more prone to listen only about diabetes and its complications, but still not taking required interest in it. In this continuation when I share the experience of new diabetic patient group through counselling, it confirmed me, that many myths are behind it, while a group of rural area still believe in miraculous medicines, and new generation of two main groups think-

a. When it will happen then we will see.

b. Second group are really very much afraid from name of it.

In both conditions people are avoiding anti-diabetic preventing compliance, this again compelled us to think, that we are lacking to communicate about complication of diabetes.

So big question is, what mode of effective awareness programme should we use, they significantly knock the door of every individual to mass, involve them and stop the mathematically increased number of diabetes nationally and internationally.

Internet & Mobile may be proven best and effective tools for diabetes awareness in future. but before launching any awareness programme; we should understand the mentality about target generation, We have to plan accordingly after analysing the approach and behaviour of new 'wired' generation. They are addicted to mobile, believe in short cuts, fast reader, believe in branding, long sitting jobs, smoking, alcohol, fast food, late night sleeping and late awaking, swing mood nature, self medication (for headache, acidity and constipation are part of life (leading them obesity, Diabetes, pcod, infertility, different allergies early osteoporosis and many other), are the new victim of diabetes.

We should think seriously how we can help to discipline their restless energy, and what type of literature or methodologies provide them, by which can move our new generation towards diabetes awareness sincerely.

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