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Additional Diabetes Information:

It is certain that diabetes affects one's chances of getting pregnant and poses a huge threat on the baby in the fetus. But how exactly does it harm the diabetic mother and her fetus?

Experts from the top test tube baby hospitals in Delhi have been overseeing several pregnancies for decades. Hence, they state that following are the effects of diabetes on the baby in the diabetic patient's womb-


  • Increased chances of pre-mature birth.
  • Baby weighing too much at the time of birth.
  • Baby born with severe breathing problems.
  • Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar right after birth.
  • Increased risk of the baby being born with irreversible birth defects.
  • Elevated risk of miscarriage. This means that the pregnancy is terminated prior to reaching the age of 20 weeks or the fetus dies in the womb after 20 weeks also known as stillbirth.

Preeclampsia – Sometimes, if a pregnant woman's diabetes or blood glucose levels are not sternly managed, she may suffer from a condition known as Preeclampsia which involves the development of elevated blood pressure and excessive protein in the urine especially in the second half of the pregnancy. This problem can cause severe and even fatal complications for the mother as well as the baby. The sole way to treat Preeclampsia is a voluntary birth. In case the condition is developed later in the pregnancy, i.e. when the baby has developed enough, then the patient can give birth via a cesarean section surgery. However, if the condition develops in the beginning or in the early stage of pregnancy, then the mother is required to be admitted to the hospital to be taken care of until the baby develops enough to be delivered via surgery.

Depression – Though depression is something that can strike anyone, anytime. Yet pregnant women, especially those suffering from diabetes are more susceptible towards suffering from it. Apart from the mental instability, depression causes laziness and withholds people from being active. Furthermore, it causes excessive anxiety, sadness, and inability to accept or cope with the changes a woman goes through when pregnant. On experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, the patient must consult a specialist as soon as possible.

Albeit, the effects of diabetes on pregnancy mentioned above may scare diabetic women. But IVF experts from Pune recommend such women to just focus on accumulating a good chunk of knowledge through the several sources of information where great knowledge regarding diabetes is available. There are also multiple blogs and discussion threads online that are run by patients and experienced mothers where a lot of highly useful information is shared that can greatly help anyone going through the same situation. Being curious and hungry for information is definitely the key towards a successful pregnancy than being perturbed and upset about what cannot be changed but only managed.

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