Additional Diabetes Information:

Diet for Type 2 Diabetes may be the most important health issue since AIDS. This scary illness is taking lives and it does it in an unusual way. Having a high blood sugar means that there is an invading poison in the bloodstream. This poison blood sugar will spread through out the body and cause deep health problems. Every organ of the body will be lost. Type 2 Diabetes diet and the cause may be the most important information needed to save the life.

As the poison blood sugar spreads in the bloodstream the borderline or pre diabetic may not know that they are in danger of losing the legs to this disease. The lost of the legs is due to the damaging affect that the blood sugar does. It may start with a tingling in the toes or fingers. This is a dangerous warning sign that they person has started to lose the body. The Diabetic will also lose the eyesight. The little blood vessels will become filled with poison blood sugar that can take the vision. Diabetes may be the worst disease since AIDS. Diabetes eats the body away from the inside. A Type 2 Diabetes diet cure is not an option it is a must.

The worst thing that the diabetic can do is to wait. Waiting is a deadly game. Each day damage is being done to the organs of the body, time is not on your side. Sadly Diabetes drugs cause heart damage and kill. There is no current safe diabetes drug, all damage the hear muscle and should be avoided. There is some good news,science has revealed a surprising diabetes diet by a filmmaker which allows sugar and carbs has been reversing blood sugar problems. The Type 2 diabetes diet cure is now in over 10 countries. What this shows is that a diet which heals the underlying cause of the blood sugar problem has long been what the diabetic has needed. It is important to find the right cure diabetes diet fast to save the body

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