Diabetes And Children

Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetes is a kind of capillaries disease, which can related to many organs of human organs, such as the head (stroke), heart, leg, foot etc. Normally, Diabetes is like kidney disease, patients are difficult to find out they are suffering this kinds of disease, only figure out the disease when patients do the physical examinaton. As kidneys, the clinical symptoms always lag behind the pathological damage, that means when patients present foam in urine,hematuria,high blood pressure etc. Their kidneys have already damaged. Therefore, if the patient who is in the period of CKD3, he should receive CKD 4 treatment to protect his kidneys, delay the development of disease .

Well, today I can also give you some general suggestions about the diet. Generally speaking, the diet for the Diabetic Nephropathic patients is very complicated. We should both ensure the sufficiency of the calorie and nutrition and properly limit the intake of carbohydrate, saturated fat and protein. But if the patients don't eat anything for a long term, the malnutrition will make the body more weak, unable to fight diseases ,and a worse prognosis.

Long-term intake of high protein will aggravate the high filtration of the kidney and increase the production and retention of the internal toxin then lead to the further damage to the kidney function. Generally it is advised that the intake of protein in the daily diet is 0.6g/kg and enhance the intake of the proportion of high quality protein. When it develops into the Uremia stage, the intake of protein should be restricted more strictly.

With the low protein supplied, the calorie in the diet should maintain the normal physiological need. Some staple food with high calorie but low protein are prefered, like potatoes, lotus root starch, vermicelli, taro,

Chinese sweet-potato, yam, pumpkin, water caltrop starch, water chestnut starch, etc, to achieve the standard range of the total calorie in the diet.Reduce the intake of fat and salt. Lipodystrophy always accompanies with diabetic nephropathy, so less intake of fat should also be persisted. Olive oil, peanut oil contain the plenty of unsaturated fatty acid whicn can be the source of energy.

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