Diabetes And Diet

Additional Diabetes Information:

The researchers find out one of the interesting reason behind type 2 diabetes. It is none other than heat processed food. The study was done by researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Heat processed food not only causes type 2 diabetes but also cause abdominal obesity and insulin resistance. The Proceedings the National Academy of Science has published this study recently. The research team found that mice with sustained exposure to methyl-glyoxal (MG) will lead to insulin resistance, abdominal weight generation and type 2 diabetes. When we prepare food with dry heat methyl-glyoxal is produced. This methyl-glyoxal is a type of advanced glycation endproduct which cause to lower the body's protective mechanism that control inflammation.

For the purpose to prove this statement they conducted experiments in mice. They selected two groups of mice the purpose. One group is fed a diet high in MG over four generation and other group was fed a diet without MG. But the researches make sure that both groups' diet had normal calories and fat. After four generation they analyzed the results. The mice that ate the MG have developed early insulin resistance and high body fat. The result of the other group was no change after four generations. They came to a conclusion that the MG is the reason to deficiency in protective mechanisms. This same MG is generated while we cooking food in dry heat. The genetic patterns of mice are very close to human beings. So this is absolutely right for human beings also.

Mice with abdominal fat due to MG fed transformed into a repository of fat cells. This will result in insulin resistance and diabetes. The other group mice which fed the without MG fed diet has no changes in fat cell and no diabetes. This is the key point the researchers have put forward through their study. The experiments conducted in mice are very useful to us because for every patients with diabetes can make measures to prevent diabetes or to control diabetes through avoiding such a heat processed food. This study urges us to change our food culture or food style if we want to control the diabetes. The clinical research shows that a cut in food s with AGEs improved insulin resistance in adults with type 2 diabetes. This has happened without any reduce in carbohydrate and fat.

Let us examine what are the recommendations that the research trying to convey to the society. They recommend that to control or eliminate food cooked though dry heat. Instead of these foods they suggest use lower heat food or lots of moisture as in stewing, poaching or steaming. It is better to avoid grilled meats and the like to control diabetes. This study reminds us to make self evaluation about our food style.

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