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Human body contains about 60% water and to maintain and stabilize the water content and level in the body, antidiuretic hormones play an important role. This hormone is known as Vasopressin. It helps maintain the water level in the body by lessening the amount of water loss through urine.

What is Desmopressin?
In some people the naturally found hormone Vasopressin ceases to get produced. For such people, an artificially produced and a derivative of the natural hormone is used known as Desmopressin. It is a peptide that contains amino acids and helps in maintaining the water level in the body by decreasing the amount of water loss in urine. It is also used to prevent loss of blood during surgeries. It is used by people suffering from hemophilia.

Usage directions
Since this is a prescription medicine, it is supposed to be used as mentioned on the DDAVP injection package insert or as instructed by the pharmacist. These injections are given intravenously and should be taken under expert supervision.

Are there any side effects?
There are certain side effects associated with DDAVP injection. However, everyone taking this medicine will not suffer from side effects. Some of the common DDAVP injection side effects are headache, feeling of nausea, uneasiness in stomach, hot flushes. Some of the severe side effects that occur in rare cases are feeling giddy, rapid heartbeat, reddening of skin at the site of injection, swelling at the site of injection. If you suffer from any of these side effects, you must seek medical advice immediately.

Precautionary measures
DDAVP is a prescription drug and should not be taken without a doctor's recommendation. People allergic to this drug should avoid taking it. It also causes the heartbeat rate to increase, hence people who have suffered from heart diseases, strokes, hypertension should take this drug carefully and in the right dosage as it might trigger the side effects. Desmopressin should not be used to treat urination problems caused due to kidney disease.

Desmopressin is an anti diuretic hormone which is used to treat the excessive loss of water through urine. It is a prescription drug which should be taken in correct dosage. It can be obtained with a valid prescription from any local drug store or can be purchased online from a Canadian Online Pharmacy.

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