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It's just a cup of coffee. If you are diabetic, you may have to follow some rules that do not apply to non diabetics. So before you reach for a cup of coffee next time, think twice.

Coffee contains hundreds of different components, of which caffeine is the most predominant compound.

Why no caffeine?

Caffeine reduces the way your body reacts to insulin. Since insulin resistance is one of the reasons of type 2 diabetes, any factor that facilitates it is harmful for a diabetic. Insulin resistance causes sugar levels to stay high. If coffee is taken with a heavy meal, the effect of caffeine is amplified.

Caffeine and kidneys

Since caffeine promotes insulin resistance, your kidneys will have to work extra load to filter your blood. This extra load can lead to kidney disorder and can eventually stop altogether.

When caffeine reaches your body, which may be through tea, coffee or even chocolate, the increased insulin resistance triggers your body to release more insulin in response. But the beta cells are of pancreas are not stimulated in the process. Insulin levels are imparted by caffeine as it stimulates the nervous system directly.

Increase in physical performance

The presence of caffeine causes your body to change how it utilizes its energy supply and, as a result, your endurance is increased. As a result the individual is able to exercise for longer periods and also burn more calories in the process. But when the caffeine reserves are depleted, your body crashes and wears off. The temporary enhancement is not worthy as in the end you will end up exhausted.

In contradiction, research has shown regular coffee consumption actually helps protect the body from developing Type 2 diabetes, although the amount of protection is minor. This doesn't mean it gives you a clear pass to eat or drink whatever you want, all it says is it doesn't hurt to have moderate amounts of caffeine under these circumstances.

Being a diabetic never means that all your happiness have come to an end. It need not slowly and inevitably get worse… not unless you allow it to. How much coffee do you drink each day… maybe you need to cut back!

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