Diabetes Cure

Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetes is a complex disease caused when body is having too much glucose (sugar) in body, and it releases so many side effects on body. It is a metabolic disorder in body.diabetes is a disease with a high blood sugar (glucose) level, caused by improper glucose metabolism. In this disease body is unable to produce or use insulin. Diabetes is known as two types. Type1 is generally diagnosed in children or young people where as type2 is diagnosed in overweight people of age 40 and above. Diabetes affects the body parts in many ways diabetes is more common in man than women.

Excess intake of oil with food
Extra intake of sugar
High carbohydrate diet
Hereditary and genetics factors
Insulin deficiency
Pancreas beta cells damaged by cystic fibrosis or pancreatic surgery can cause high blood glucose called diabetes.

If you are feeling following symptoms then you must take a step towards controlling your problem before it goes out of control
Dry and itchy skin
Sudden weight loss
Blurred vision
Frequent infections
Yeast infections
Excessive thirst (polydipsia)
Excessive hunger (polyphagia)

Few important Guidelines for Diabetic care

  • Check blood glucose level regularly.
  • Use sugar free sweetener in your daily food
  • Maintain your diabetic level 80 to 120
  • Do daily exercise
  • Make a promise to managing your diabetes.
  • Take a daily aspirin
  • Keep your vaccines up to date.
  • Look out of your teeth
  • Keep your cholesterol and blood pressure under control
  • If you are a smoker then plan to quite .Smoking damages blood vessels and leads to heart diseases, nerve damage, kidney disease and stroke, and poor circulation in the limbs therefore smoking is strictly prohibited for diabetic patient.
  • Take a balanced diet with your daily food.

Diabetic patients need increase the consumption of beans, onion soybeans, celery, cucumbers, string beans, onion and garlic as diet. Extra dose of food may be a reason for taking your blood sugar levels high. You must go for regular yearly examinations of your eyes, heart, kidney, and teeth. If you feel, any symptoms of diabetes that is described above go for an urgent check-up. Take your insulin or medicine on time. Patient should not skip or delay medicines or insulin. So you must take it seriously once you identified as diabetic and go for regular checkups.

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