Diabetes Disease

Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetes is a disorder that leads the body of a human being to have a very elevated level of sugar in the blood mainly because the cells that are in the body do not answer properly to the insulin generated. The main consequences of that condition on the body are frequent need to pee, hunger and increased thirst.

There are essentially two different main types of diabetes which are basically called type one and type two diabetes.
Researchers have found that stem cells could in fact be a potential solution to diabetes and could help cure the disorder. Further study on stem cells came to the conclusion that the best and most interesting stem cells to use were extracted from the umbilical cord blood with umbilical cord blood storage. These studies have also shown that stem cells could be used in more treatments to help cure other diseases, which promises interesting improvement.

Following these studies, the number of stem cell banks and cord blood banks has grown and there is now plenty of choice when you want to store your baby's cord blood somewhere.
The cord blood collection process is an absolutely safe action that will not harm the mother and the baby. Once the cord blood is collected it is then stored. Cord blood storage and stem cell storage is usually done in more than one facility to make sure there will always be a sample available for you to use. It also helps prevent the loss of the cord blood or the stem cells as if there is a problem in one storage facility, there is still a second one storing the sample.
For the moment, most stem cell banks and cord blood banks store the cord blood or the stem cells for twenty five years. As there has not really been any use of stem cells that had been stored for more than twenty five years yet and scientists do not really know who well stem cells can be preserved after twenty five years, most private stem cell banks and public banks do not go over that limit.

People think that using your own stem cells as a transplant to help cure a disease you would have can harm you as the stem cells collected may contain the disease the person is being treated for. But this is actually not right. It appears that thousands of stem cells transplant using one's own cells are being performed every year to cure various diseases and disorders and studies show that it is still recommended to use the person's own stem cells that were collected at birth for transplantation.

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