Diabetes Exercise

Additional Diabetes Information:

People say that, Diabetes is a hereditary disease. The real origin of this disease is always a question in the mind of every diabetic patient. But researchers and doctors are scrambling for right answer for the exact reason of this silent killer dilemma. It is a disease caused due to metabolic disorders in the body. This disorder increases the blood glucose in the body. We cannot argue that it is a silent killer, if not bothered or managed efficiently; it is definitely a silent killer. It is identified in the body when the insulin amount is lacking or the body cells resist the insulin. Insulin is actually a hormone which converts the food we consume into energy to the cells of our body. When there is improper functioning of insulin, it is the starting phase of this disease. In almost all the market, there are many diabetes supplies and diabetic product to cure this disease.

There is epidemic rate of increase in the people suffering from this vital disease. The wide expansion of this problem is comparatively a new issue among the people. Today, even the small children are grown as a diabetic patient. Parents mind it as a genetic cause. But, it cannot be assumed as the actual reason. There are health insurance companies and other organizations providing free diabetes supplies. But, most of the patients are unaware about these supplies. The main reason for the appearance of this dilemma among the people is due to poor diet, lack of routine exercise, physical inactiveness and sometimes genetic disorders. Apart from all these factors, if a person is undergoing an abnormal health condition, he or she can cause high blood sugar levels.

There is a misunderstanding that, by consuming food such as sweets and other items with excess sugar content has more possibility for the person to become diabetic. This may not be necessarily being a cause of diabetes amongst other ones. The main kind of this disease can be categorized as Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) and Gestational Diabetes.

T1d is caused due to the non- production of insulin in the body by birth or during childhood years. Only certain rate of children is caused by this worrying illness. Therefore, this kind is popularly known as Juvenile Diabetes or autoimmune disease.

T2D is rooted due to the improper diet, shortage of regular exercises, obesity and alcohol consumption etc. This is mainly seen among the adults. Hence, there is high possibility for these people to raise the blood glucose level in their body. It is also known as Adult onset diabetes.

The third type i.e., Gestational diabetes is mainly seen among pregnant women. The age above 25 years, having a genetic history in relation to it, or carrying excessive weight could likely to be the reason for this kind.

Living in a lifestyle with complete preparation in controlling and preventing its complications is the correct management measure to fight against it. The difficulties can lead to the problems like blurred vision, kidney damage, nerve damage, heart and circulation problems. If not diagnosed and managed effectively, it can effect as a silent killer.

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