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Potent Injectable Insulin

Humalog is an excellent short acting drug ideal for anyone who is suffering from diabetes. It is administered in the form of injections and is similar to other diabetes medications that are fast acting, such as Novolog. A relatively new drug, Humalog was developed by an American firm located in Indianapolis, Indiana and introduced to the marketplace in 2006.

Getting the Right Dosage of Humalog is the Key

With the inclusion of Humalog into a diabetic's daily routine, people are able to eat all the foods that they love. However, it's vital to measure the carb content of the food you are about to eat, since it has to be in perfect proportion with the Humalog that you will inject. The higher the carb count, the more insulin will be needed.

Thus, Humalog offers great flexibility in management of a diabetic's health. Humalog's fast-activity acts like your body's insulin and can make you feel like you don't even have the diabetes at all, as long as you get the right dosage every time. Humalog is consumed rapidly and begins working within minutes to lower your blood sugar right after injection.

Due to Humalog's rapid activity, you must ensure that you are able to sit down and eat immediately after injecting, or it'll shed your blood sugar too drastically and cause a load of undesirable side effects. It's also important to work with your doctor to check your glucose and A1C levels regularly so that they can work out your highs and lows of blood sugar throughout the day. This is the only secure way to get just the right amounts of Humalog into your system.

Side Effects of Humalog

As with any drug, there can be side effects when taking Humalog. These can include symptoms such as headaches, rapid pulse, difficulties in focusing, itching, swelling as well as a thickening or reddening of the skin. More serious side effects can even include seizures. Should you find that you have a serious inclination towards low blood sugar after taking Humalog, you may need to consider taking a bit of non-dietetic hard candy or glucose tablets. If you do experience any of these side effects, you should call your physician immediately. He or she can find a solution to the problem or effectively adjust the dosage for maximum efficacy and eliminate these side effects.

Making life livable is the aim of every diabetic and it is often as simple as learning to handle his or her blood sugar effectively. Often, this may require measuring one's blood sugar as much as 6 times a day.

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