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Diabetic nephropathy is one complication of diabetes which is caused by high blood sugar. Diabetes can damage many organs or tissues like kidney, eye, blood vessels, heart, foot, etc. These complications are life-threatening. Kidney disease occurs after 5-10 years onset of diabetes. When your doctor finds kidney disease, your kidneys have been damaged so an early and adequate detection is very important.

Immunization therapy in our hospital is a systemic therapy to treat your kidney disease.

The first step is to do comprehensive tests for you in order to make clean what type of kidney disease you have, and the exact causes of kidney disease. We can do these because of the advanced equipment for tests. We have introduced the most advanced equipment and technology in the world. What we do is to make the causes of disease clear and give a guideline for next treatment.

Treatment begins after a comprehensive treatment. We will use our traditional Chinese medicine to block the renal fiborsis before restoring the kidneys because all types of kidney disease start from the renal fibrosis. If the renal fibrosis is stopped, kidney function decline can stop. We use stem cells and traditional Chinese medicine to treat the kidney disease.

Firstly, traditional Chinese medicine can restore the kidney through dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anticoagulation, preventing blood viscosity and degrading extracellular matrixes. The traditional Chinese medicine is used before the application of stem cells. Traditional Chinese Medicine can clean the internal environment for the application of stem cells.

Stem cell transplant is a brand new treatment in the world. It is a cell-based therapy which can treat kidney disease with its ability of self-renewal and differentiation. The combination of stem cells and traditional Chinese medicine aims to clean the immune complex deposited in the kidney and restore the kidneys. During the treatment, we will try our best to protect the healthy cells and restore the damaged cells with stem cell infusion. Then the goal of treating kidney disease can be achieved.

Immunization therapy is a brand new systemic treatment for diabetic kidneys disease. If you are interested in this treatment, you can consult our email:diabetics120@yahoo.com. They will give you detailed explanation about your concerns. We are glad to help you!

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