Diabetes Guidelines

Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetic care needs more than drugs. There is a holistic approach for diabetics living with their illness.

Holistic treatment deals with the entire person. In the health care field, holistic treatment involves integrating mind, body and spirit in the healing process. The best way to control the blood sugar is to consult a health care professional experienced in natural therapies. He can suggest the appropriate dosages for the natural supplements and prepare a treatment plan.

Some common holistic practices are:

Natural Supplement: Natural supplements have helped in improving the various aspects of diabetes including lowering of blood sugar and various other symptoms. Natural symptoms particularly rich in chromium, alpha lipoic acid, magnesium, coenzyme Q10, beta glucan, vanadium, selenium, zinc, bitter melon, cinnamon, American ginseng, gymnema and fenugreek seeds are efficient in treating diabetes.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture help in relieving the nerve pain of neuropathy , a nerve disorder common to diabetes.

Reducing Stress: Stress should be avoided. Stress will lead you to the aggravating habits like smoking and drinking. Experiment with yoga, meditation, deep breathing and other relaxation techniques. Reducing stress might also positively impact blood sugar.

Lifestyle: Stick to the eating and exercise guidelines set forth by your doctor. Any other treatments, natural or conventional, will be negated without these key elements. Do not smoke, and limit alcohol consumption.

With non-infectious diseases such as diabetes, there is evidence that shows how a healthy lifestyle and mindset can have a positive impact on how people deal with their diagnosis.

The motivation to seek help and understand diabetes begins in the mind. One of the components of Holistic Therapy is being able to mentally grasp how the thought and healing processes are interrelated. After the initial shock of being a diabetic has lessened, the choice to educate oneself and make appropriate lifestyle changes — or wallow in self-pity — can have a major impact on one's quality of life.

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