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Diabetes is a situation which can afflict children, men, and women all over the globe. Diabetes is known by the body's inadequate insulin supply, as generated by the organ known as pancreas. Insulin is extremely essential for the cells in order to metabolize glucose that comes from the diet consumed. When glucose metabolizes, it is turned to energy that powers the body and the cells.

People with diabetes aren't able to produce sufficient insulin in human body, so glucose stays in excess in blood. This can result in a condition known as hyperglycemia, the surplus of glucose in blood. The glucose can overflow into the urine, since the kidneys are not capable to filter them adequately. This can result other more severe health complications, consisting of diabetic coma and perhaps death.

Some sources clarify that the probability for having diabetic coma can be detected and prevented as well. Prior to diagnosis, the diabetic patient can be urinating excessively and more frequently. This incident can cause dehydration that will aggravate the chances of going in a coma further. Other than urination, the patient can be thirsty continually, and may be very nauseous also.

It is suggested that water must be given to patient, and doctor should be consulted to find out what the cause of these complications are. In a few cases, the doctor may advise providing insulin to lesser blood sugar level, or some other kind of treatments if insulin is in excess already in your body. Fluids managed intravenously may prevent patient from dehydration and falling into the diabetic coma also.

There are websites which provide tips and information on diabetic's coma natural remedies options. A few of these experts recommend on the usage of herbs as the dietary supplements. Omega 3 essential fatty acid which comes from fish or fish oil is helpful in decreasing certain level of triglycerides in blood.

Diabetic coma natural remedies can be found in the food sources also such as broccoli, spinach, Brewer's yeast, as well as the meat sources such as liver, heart, and kidney. These sources are known to be very rich in the Alpha Lipoic Acid, an antioxidant which has revealed to be efficient in preventing nerve damages caused by diabetes. It's suggested that one or two capsules of the Alpha Lipoic Acid consisting about 50 mg is suitable to take on regular basis by the diabetic patients.

Another natural treatment for diabetic coma is through supplementation of DHA and EPA in the food. As said before, the omega-3 essential fatty acids (eicosapentenoic acid and docosahexenoic acid) have been experienced in animals having diabetes, and have given promising results. The essential fatty acids aren't created by the human body, so humans should obtain them from substances such as fish. Fish species which are rich in the omega-3 essential fatty acids are halibut, salmon, mackerel, sardines, albacore tuna, and herring. If fish can't be consumed on a regular basis, nutritionists may recommend their patients to consume 1-5 grams of the fish oil supplement daily.

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