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Additional Diabetes Information:

If you're a diabetic, it's absolutely essential that you wear a piece of diabetic jewelry to help you identify yourself in the case of an emergency as the knowledge of your condition drastically changes how a doctor or paramedic will treat you if they find you unconscious and you are unable to communicate.

As you know, Insulin, created by your pancreas, reduces the prevalence of glucose and allows it to be spread around and properly absorbed as energy. If you have diabetes, your immune system treats insulin as a hostile substance and doesn't allow it to do its job, resulting in an excess amount of glucose in your bloodstream. This can eventually be fatal unless it's treated.

Diabetics are subject to two very different types of emergencies, Insulin Reaction (or Insulin Shock) that rapidly reduces the level of sugar in the blood and brain cells suffer or Diabetic Coma where there is too much sugar and too little insulin in the blood and body cells do not get enough nourishment. Anyone who does not know the condition will really not know what to do as the signs and symptoms for insulin shock are fast breathing, fast pulse, dizziness, weakness, change in the level of consciousness, vision difficulties, sweating, headache, numb hands or feet, and hunger and for diabetic coma is drowsiness, confusion, deep and fast breathing, thirst, dehydration, fever, a change in the level of consciousness and a peculiar sweet or fruity-smelling breath.

We cannot carry all our medical reports wherever we go, and very often, we do not know how to explain our issues to a doctor or a paramedic. Hence , you need diabetic jewelry, such as diabetic bracelets and necklaces, as a form of medical identification that lets any medical professionals know about your condition. If you become unconscious or pass out due to your disease and are unable to communicate with any caregivers, they will look for some form of medical identification before issuing a treatment or a diagnosis. Remember, as mere seconds can be the difference between life and death in these situations, through your medical identity, medical personnel can immediately administer insulin or sugar and work to revive you as soon as possible.

Do note that an identifying bracelet, jewelry that reveals a person's condition is essential especially for diabetics to identify and take prompt action. Your identity could be diabetic bracelets, necklaces, tags, and other forms of diabetic jewelry to ensure that you are properly identified in the case of an emergency. This is something you definitely need and remember, it need not look drab. This can also look really trendy.This can also look stylish. There are stylish new products that you can choose from for all diabetics. After all, you have to wear this thing every day, so it might as well look good, right? There are different types of products available, all you need to do is to look for them and acquire them, as per what suits you.

Be safe and secure. Purchase a medical identification NOW.. Don't you owe that much to yourself?

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