Diabetes Meaning

Additional Diabetes Information:

Patients diagnosed with diabetes should be very cautious of what they eat and the way they lead their life. For starters, they'll need to follow a healthy diet and do regular exercises. While diabetes mellitus may not have any outward symptoms, it is a very serious disease that can give rise to equally serious complications. As for those who were not diagnosed with this disease but are past their 50 years of age, always remember that prevention is better than cure.

Men and women who are in their golden years are the ones that are more prone to diabetes. It is to them that Holisticare is highly recommended. Holisticare is an alternative diabetes treatment that can prevent all the symptoms and complications of this disease.

As a natural diabetes treatment, Holisticare is made only with the most potent herbal medicines that can effectively fight diabetes based on the traditional Chinese methods of healing. It is specially formulated for individuals who are aged 50 years old and above. And more than just treating diabetes, it also helps prevent heart diseases and senility.

Clinical tests back up the effectiveness of Holisticare on a group of elderly patients suffering from Type II diabetes. For two months, 102 patients were given 2 capsules of Holisticare thrice a day. Berberine was also added to their treatment therapy. The other group, which consists of 51 patients, was asked to take the prescription drug Diamicron, on a dosage of 80mg twice a day.

The results were remarkable, for as many as 95 out of the 102 patients were tested to have lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol count. Comparing the results to the group who is taking Diamicron, Holisticare patients report of a very high 93.1% effective rating over the former's score of 72.5%.

This study only goes to show that holistic diabetes treatment prove to have similar, if not slightly better results, to that of commercial medicines. Holisiticare is highly recommended to patients who are looking for a more natural way to combat diabetes, including all the other diseases related to old age. What's more, this treatment therapy is known not to cause any side effects like most prescription medicines do. The common side effects that users of prescription drugs suffer from include hypoglycemia, weakened liver, and severe allergic reactions.

Holisticare, when combined with berberine, does become a very potent herbal diabetes treatment. Every individual past their age of prime should consider taking it regularly. Together, they can effectively fight diabetes and almost all other cardio-cerebro vascular diseases. Furthermore, the combination also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to help fight intestinal infections.

Take Holisticare as recommended and anyone can live a normal life despite his ripe age or present health condition. Holisticare comes in capsule form, thus making its administration very simple. Through it, diabetes can be easily managed, without any worries about complications or side effects.

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