Diabetes Mellitus Symptoms And Treatment

Additional Diabetes Information:

Before going directly in to the subject, it is better to have a glance about what is diabetes and what is exercise.

Diabetes is the stage of the human body not to utilize glucose effectively. As a result the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood increases abnormally. It is due to the dysfunction of pancreas which produces the insulin that helps the body to convert the glucose in the blood in to energy. Here the matter is clear that the reason for the diabetes is the deposit of glucose in the blood.

Then, what is exercise? It is the deliberate action of the human to make sure that the body is in action. Exercise burns the extra calories that deposited in the body. It is simple to understand that due to exercise, the extra deposit of glucose in the bloody will decrease.

Now the points are clear. In the first read itself every one should understand the direct relation with diabetes and exercise. The reason for the diabetes is the unconverted glucose in the blood and the result of the exercise is to energize the extra glucose deposit in the blood. So both in diabetes and in exercise the prime element is calories or the glucose deposit in the blood.

Let us discuss in detail about important of exercise in daily life. Primarily it helps us to reduce the body weight and create a fresh mood every day. More than that, the glad news for patients with diabetes is that exercise can reduce the glucose level in the blood. It is found that in type 2 diabetes exercises can improve insulin sensitivity. How it is happened? When we are in exercise, our body uses more oxygen, approximately 20 times more than when we are in rest. Due to regular exercise, the blood circulation of our body increases.. Our muscles need more energy to pass this oxygen to all the part of the body. This time action of insulin in the muscles improves so that the production of the same may increases. When the range of exercise decreases the production of insulin also decreases. This is what is happening in the case of old age people with diabetes.

In other words, we burn the extra deposit of glucose in the blood through regular exercise. As a result, there will no glucose in the blood which is the main reason for the diabetes. We are using medicines to avoid this extra deposit of glucose in the blood. Exercises do this same function without medicine. Automatically, due to regular exercise the level of glucose in the blood may come to lower. In the final, one controls the diabetes without medicine. So we can have anything, whether contain the particle of sugar or not, we can convert this additional glucose through exercise. For some extent, some one do regular exercise can avoid strict diet. That is the strength of the exercise.

It is the time to conclude that, now the logic is clear that why researchers and physicians did says to every patient with diabetes to do exercise regularly.

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