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Every person will come across one point in his life where he has to drink a glass or more of wine or beer whether to celebrate an occasion or to enjoy with friends. But if you are a diabetic, alcohol consumption can lead to serious consequences if not monitored and managed properly. The great news is that being diabetic does not ruin your chance of enjoying the occasion with your favorite drink.

When it comes to alcohol, the keyword to be kept in mind is moderation. Knowing your limit helps you control what happens to your body. If you are diabetic, then the advice will be; one drink for woman and two for men per day. Following this helps you overcome the complications due to excessive or low levels of glucose in your body.

A diabetic person might be on insulin therapy to massage his blood sugar levels. However, it is often mismanaged and there is excess amount of insulin, which lowers your sugar levels than normal and lead to hypoglycemia. Similar is the case with alcohol. Alcohol at first increases blood sugar, but huge amounts of it will lead to low blood sugar levels. The person may experience symptoms of hypoglycemia, but this usually goes unnoticed by a drunken person. If this happens, you must take with you some sugar filled drinks or food that helps you to elevate your blood sugar levels.

Alcohol intake can also cause weight gain and high blood pressure. For a diabetic, these are two factors that should always be under control.

But for those who choose to not take alcohol completely out of their lifestyle, restraint should always be practiced. Drinking should only be done with a filled stomach and for diabetics who do not want to add stress on their bodies, sweet drinks must not be their first choice to avoid high blood sugar levels. These guidelines are indeed important to sustain a healthy life while enjoying that drink once in a while.

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