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Additional Diabetes Information:

If you are overweight and skip breakfast on a daily basis, then the chances are high that you may develop diabetes. As per a study, it has been found that when females skip the breakfast, they tend to experience insulin resistance, this is a particular condition where a person is in need of extra insulin so as to bring down the blood sugar to normality. It was also found that the insulin resistance was temporary, but in chronic conditions, it can develop diabetes.

Physicians, across the world, lay stress on ingesting healthy breakfast. There are strong probabilities that it won't help in controlling your weight but it will surely help to avoid diabetes. It has been found that over 10 millions Nigerians have been diagnosed with diabetes, the majority of them are having Type II diabetes. This is a condition in which the body is not having sufficient insulin. Not many people know, but being overweight can also lead to diabetes.

This new study comprised nine females and their average age was 28. The other thing that was common among these females was that they all were obese. They were tested for 2 days and they were asked to eat breakfast on the first day and the following day they were asked to skip it. Following a meal, the glucose levels rise normally and that successively activated insulin production, which considerably helped the cells consume the glucose and transform it to energy. However, both the glucose and insulin levels, post lunch, of the females were found much higher on the 2nd day (when they skipped the breakfast).

The physicians said that the females, on the 2nd day, required more insulin level in order to balance off the same meal. It was noticed that there was a 28 % increase in the insulin response and there was also 12% glucose response post the skipping of the breakfast. This shows, a slight rise in insulin and glucose levels. The studies have also shown that ingesting a big meal in the middle of the day should be preferred than overeating in the night.

Nonetheless, the patients should make a priority to consume a good amount of breakfast, right amount of lunch and preferably light dinner. As per ADA (Amercian Diabetes Association), the best ways to curb diabetes are to manage cholesterol, blood pressure and most importantly weight.

World's best physicians support that breakfast is an important meal of the day. It should not be skipped at any cost. As per a study, it can prove life saving as well.

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