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Nutrition plays a big role in the management of diabetes and should be a priority for anyone suffering from the disease. It is important to know what to include in your diet and what to remove so that the symptoms of the disease are kept under control thus allowing you to live a normal life as much as possible. Living with diabetes does not mean that you are unable to eat some foods completely but the aim is to balance the food eaten to include all food types and especially those that can be referred to as diabetic foods.

Diabetic foods are available in plenty and are selected according to the preference of the affected person or even the type of diabetes that they are suffering from. Individuals that suffer from diabetes mellitus may have a slightly different diet from those suffering from diabetes insipidus. Some of the most common diabetic foods that are used to control diabetes include fruits which must be eaten in moderation so as to avoid the elevation of blood sugar. When choosing fruits, the best are those that are canned and stored in syrup as they have less sugar.

Meat is also part of the diabetic foods that control diabetes but their preparation should include the removal of any saturated fats and the method of cooking should be healthy as well. The meat chosen should be lean, rich in nutrients and low in calories to help control diabetes.

Grains are essential in the diet of any diabetic because of the fibre that they provide to the body. The fibre in the body is said to assist the heart in the management of diabetes as well as controlling the levels of blood sugar. The types of grains are varied and are selected according to the preference of the individual.

Nevertheless, there are certain diabetic foods that specifically help control diabetes mellitus which is a common type of diabetes. Individuals suffering from diabetes mellitus should have meals that are high in protein because it results in the production of amino acids that are essential in tissue repair. Furthermore, the level of blood sugar is not increased which one of the concerns of those suffering from diabetes mellitus. In addition, those affected by diabetic mellitus also need fibre because it is essential in the diet as it help in weight reduction and reduction in the excretion of glucose.

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