Diabetes Symptoms In Men

Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetes is such a common problem these days that every family usually has at least one member suffering from it. This is the reason that today 382 million people are suffering from it. It is a life destroying disease that grow slowly in your system without letting you know and soon destroys all the essential organs of your body and the result is death.

So it has become important for us to look for the Diabetic solutions so that we can cure ourselves and our loved ones from this deadly disease. Here is some brief knowledge about what diabetes is?


It can be regarded as a long-term slowly progressing metabolic disorder. In this disease, the blood sugar level is higher than normal because:

  • The body is not producing adequate amount of insulin
  • The cells of the body are not responding to insulin.

Types of diabetes

It is divided into three main types:

Type 1 diabetes:

It is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes in which the person's body is not producing insulin. 10% of the cases are of type 1 diabetes that develops in a person before the age of 40.

The patient has to take injects of insulin throughout their life and have to maintain the blood sugar level by having regular blood tests.

Type 2 diabetes:

In this case, either the body does not produce adequate insulin or the cells are not responding to insulin. 90% of the people are suffering from type 2 diabetes.

It might be controlled by regular exercise, proper diet and losing weight but as it is progressive disease the condition will soon become worse and the patient will have to intake insulin in the form of tablets.

The risk of has type 2 diabetes increases with age.

Gestational diabetes:

It develops in the women during pregnancy when she has a high blood sugar level and the body is unable to produce enough insulin. It can be controlled with proper medication but if remained undiagnosed it might cause problems during the birth of the child.


If you have the following symptoms that you must take the blood test to confirm whether you are suffering from diabetes or not:

  • Frequent urination mostly at night
  • Always feeling thirsty
  • Increased feeling of tiredness
  • Loss in muscle bulk and weight loss
  • Continuous episodes of thrush or itching around genitals
  • Blurred vision
  • Wounds and cuts that take more than normal time to heal

This just an overview of what diabetes is.

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