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Additional Diabetes Information:

Having diabetes can improve the risk of impotence for both men and ladies. The great thing is that, this may be avoidable and, should it occur, there are therapies that can help.

Diabetes: Sex-related Issues in Men

In men, the damage to nerves and issues with circulation that are common complications of your body can lead to issues with erection or climax.

Hyperglycemia affects the veins throughout your body – the heart, eyes, renal system etc. Changes in veins can also affect the capability to have and maintain an erection.

Erectile dysfunction is much greater in patients with diabetes than in the common inhabitants, and it is directly indicative of hyperglycemia and inadequate blood glucose management.

With diabetic issues, veins supplying blood to the penis's lovemaking tissue can get hard and narrow, preventing the adequate system flow needed for a firm erection. The nerve damage caused by inappropriate blood glucose management can also cause semen to go into the kidney instead of through the male organ during climax, called retrograde climax. When this happens, semen leaves the body through urine.

Diabetes: Sex-related Issues in Females

The cause of diabetes-related impotence ladies is also due to poorly managed blood glucose levels leading to nerve damage, reduced blood circulation to the genital area, and hormonal changes.

It is estimated that up to a quarter of ladies with diabetes encounter impotence, often due to solidified veins in the genital walls. Sex-related dysfunctions can include genital dry skin, discomfort during sex, reduced sex drive, and reduced sexual response; there may be difficulty becoming aroused, reduced genital sensation, and inability to reach orgasm. Females with diabetes may also encounter a rise in candidiasis.


Diabetes: Prevention Better Than Cure

Controlling your blood glucose levels is the best way to avoid impotence due to diabetic issues. “In this case, prevention is the best medicine.

Follow your doctor's recommendations on how to monitor and regulate your blood glucose levels. Your physician can help you in managing your sugar levels effectively.

Diabetes: Sex-related Alternatives for Men

Diabetes-related impotence can be treated in various ways.

Erectile dysfunction drugs: Medications used to treat construction problems may work in men with diabetic issues, but the dosage may need to be greater than that for the common inhabitants, says Goldman-Levine.

Other therapies for erection problems: Your physician may recommend a vacuum pump, placing pellets into your urethra, injections of medicines into your male organ, or surgery.

Medication for retrograde climax: A specific drug that strengthens the muscle tissue of the sphincter of your bladder can help with retrograde climax.

Diabetes: Sex-related Alternatives for Females

  • Simple remedies may easily correct sexual problems relevant to diabetes:
  • Vaginal lubrication: For ladies with genital dry skin or discomfort during intercourse, using a genital lubrication may help.
  • Kegel workouts: Regularly performing Kegel workouts, which strengthen the pelvic floor muscle tissue, can improve a woman's sexual response.

Diabetes is a challenging condition, but doesn't have to interfere with or limit your capability to have sex. If you are experiencing anxiety about performance, consider counseling to help relieve stress and other emotional issues that are restricting your sex life. It's important to explore all possible solutions with your medical team to be sure that you are able to enjoy all facts of your life.

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