Diabetes Two

Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetes is one of the very common diseases around the world. Anyone belonging to any age bracket or socio-economic category can have diabetes. It is a serious problem, but with proper intake of diabetes medicine and getting the illness treated at the right time, everyone can gain control over the illness. Diabetes treatment is not very expensive and is very easily available. This disease comes in various types and the treatment varies according to the problem as well as the body type of the patient.

Diabetes mainly happens due to high level of glucose in the bloodstream, which is also stated as high levels of blood sugar. Blood sugar, when normal, provides energy to the cells in the body and is regulated by a hormone called insulin. Diabetes happens when the blood sugar level is not controlled appropriately by the insulin. The doctor judges the type of diabetes by conducting certain tests including your lipid profile, cholesterol levels, haemoglobin etc. and then prescribes diabetes medicine as per the results produced by the tests.

There are different types of diabetes like type 1, type 2 etc. Type 1diabetes occurs when there is a lack of production of the insulin, which is why this type of diabetes is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes. Type 1 diabetes happens to people below the age of 40 and that includes children as well. It is a very common type of diabetes, especially amongst small children.

Type 2 diabetes is another type that happens when the body does produce insulin, but it is ignored by the body cells. This results in a disturbance in the glucose level in the blood stream and as a result the blood sugar level is not regulated properly. In such cases, the doctors also prescribe the amount of sugar to be consumed by the patient, so that the amount of blood sugar does not rise above normal due to over intake of sugar.

Along with the amount of sugar that can be consumed safely by the patient, the doctors also prescribe the meal size and potions, what can be eaten and what has to be avoided etc. along with the diabetes medicines. In addition to that, doctors also suggest the exercises that have to be done regularly to keep diabetes under control. Usually diabetes treatment is a life defining regime, where the patient has to continue the meal and exercise routines for the whole life in order to keep a check on the blood sugar levels.

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