Diabetes Type One

Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetes is the one of the major threat to society. Almost one third of the world population is suffered from this issue. This is one type of health condition that allows up and down of sugar levels in the body. When it causes more, several symptoms of diabetes can be noticed in the patient's body. These symptoms include regular excretion of urine, feeling thirsty extremely, weight loss unusually, fatigue, vomiting and feeling irritation. Sometimes, these symptoms if noticed in body it should be supposed for diabetes so to get clear you need a diabetes test. It will give a clear image to the sufferer about the disease.

Diabetes test is popularly known as oral glucose test. It is the testing method that most doctors like to perform in order to diagnose the diabetes. This test can be conducted in the doctor's clinic or in labs and the thing is to keep in mind that, the patient should be kept in fasting minimum 16 hours before going to be tested. Firstly, an initial sample of blood sugar will be taken from body and after that you have to drink a solution that contains a high sugar. After the drink, the rest blood sugar tests will be done with the regular intervals of 30 minutes or 1 hour.

People those are not suffering from diabetes, their blood sugar level will rise suddenly after the first test just after drunk the solution and the rest will be shown the decrease of sugar level sharply and sometimes will stay normal. It happens because the insulin in the body has acted to consume the sugar however this can't be happened in the case of diabetic patients. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, your sugar level in blood will increase sharply in the first test after drinking the rich sugar solution but unlike in the case of non diabetic person, in rest tests the high sugar level will be dropped very slowly till they rich the normal level. It occurs because in that body there are not enough presence of insulin to consume the sugar. If the result similar to this, it is the chance that, you are being diagnosed with diabetes.

Doctors conduct Random Plasma Glucose test to get perfect result for diabetes. In this test a doctor won't regard the last eating time to check the sugar level. If 200mg/dl will be found in your blood and you are also going through all the diabetes symptoms, then it is highly recommended that, you may on the pre-diabetes condition. To make it clear, doctors advice to perform oral sugar tolerance test in different day with the same condition.

As most of the people are living unnatural lifestyles it causes diabetes and if it is won't diagnosed in proper time manner, it may lead you various health issues and may make your life hell! So for precautionary steps you need to conduct a diabetes test. Sometimes doctors are also referring for cheap blood test. So contact any reliable doctor and live a healthy life.

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