Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Additional Diabetes Information:

The signs and symptoms of diabetes in men are more general in nature. In fact, certain diabetes symptoms in men are stated to be more distinct than in women. Diabetes mellitus is a collective group of metabolic ailments which can be divided into two categories. These are type 1 and type 2. The symptoms of both this kind of diabetes are quite similar. The lack of cells in the body is the key similarity between both types of the ailment which leads to excessive glucose production. In Type 1 the glucose levels are quite high due to lack of insulin which has been destroyed. The Type 2 variety of diabetes is because of the resistance of the cells to insulin that is released. This is the reason why the cells do not receive sufficient glucose causing you to experience certain symptoms.

Early diabetes signs can be elusive or even seemingly benign. Diabetes can be for a long period and not have the symptoms for years. Understanding the potential diabetes symptoms can take to early diagnosis of the ailment to initiate the treatment process. Following are some quite common and most crucial symptoms that indicate signs for diabetes.

Frequent urination problems
Increase in blood glucose causes excessive urination. Lack or even insufficient insulin abates filtration of the glucose by the kidneys back to the blood. Thus commences the sequence of extracting excess water out of blood to dilute glucose present inside the body. This makes the bladder full which initiates frequent urination.

Excessive Thirst
This is a common sign of diabetes where the kidneys start the process of drawing extra water out of the blood to filter the glucose causing dehydration. Hence, there is a loss of water from the body. This leads to excessive craving for water and is indicated by the unquenchable thirst symptoms.

Weakness and fatigue conditions
Insulin allows the glucose extracted from food to enter the cells of the body. Thus facilitates energy generation which is highly important to sustain life. When there is reduced insulin formation, the glucose tends to stay out of the cells in the blood. Thus the cells become quite energy starved causing you to feel tired and weak.

Loss of weight
This kind of symptom is associated with Type 1 diabetes. The pancreases in this kind of diabetes abates insulin formation due to which the autoimmune response attacks these cells. Since the cells of the body do not receive sufficient glucose the energy source tends to decrease. This causes the body to breakdown muscle tissue and fat for energy. This process however takes place due to increased resistance to insulin which occurs gradually in Type 2 diabetes.

However, symptoms of diabetes in women are quite common health issues faced today. There are several symptoms which is more prone to sexual and hormonal disorders. Yeast infections and other sexual ailments is witnessed more in women. In fact, obesity is yet another major condition which makes women more prone towards symptoms of diabetes.

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