Additional Diabetes Information:

Recent studies of the effects of whey protein on blood sugar levels are proving that Little Miss Muffet knew what she was doing when she was eating those curds and whey.

People who suffer from Type II diabetes have to be very careful about the glycemic index of the foods they consume. When a person has this disease their body either does not create a sufficient amount of insulin to control their blood sugar levels, or their bodies have become resistant to the effects of insulin and their blood sugar levels are too high as a result. Research shows that adding whey to foods that have a high glycemic index may allow these individuals to eat more high carbohydrate foods.

In the human body the pancreas creates insulin. Insulin is used to lower blood sugars after a person eats, or drinks. A person with diabetes cannot rely on their bodies to control their blood sugar levels so they have to follow strict diets, take blood sugar reducing medications, get adequate exercise, and monitor their sugar levels closely.

Whey protein is a natural substance that is found in milk. You can also get whey protein supplements from health food stores and online merchants like the Doctor Supplement Store. The supplements allow you to add the whey protein without adding the additional milk fat, or increasing your blood sugar levels through the carbohydrate content of the milk.

In an attempt to prove, or disprove the effects of whey protein on blood sugar levels researchers compared the effects that eating a high carbohydrate meal alone, to the effects of eating a high carbohydrate meal that had whey protein added to it. To get these results they fed a subject a high carbohydrate meal one day and on the next day they fed them the same high carbohydrate meal with the whey protein addition. The results were astonishing.

When the person ate the meal without the whey protein added to it the blood sugars rose higher, and remained high for a longer period of time than when they ate the same meal with the whey protein added. The whey protein seemed to stimulate the production of insulin by the pancreas, and that effectively lowered the overall blood sugar reading. When the whey was given as a part of the meal the insulin levels of the subjects after consumption were as much as 57% higher than when they ate the same foods without the added whey.

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