Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetes is a threat to the society. It is said that India will become diabetes capital in the next few decades. Since Diabetes is purely a lifestyle related ailment which is caused due to lack of exercise, excessive consumption of junk food and stress. Since sedentary lifestyle is prevalent in the big cities, most of the diabetic population is concentrated in these areas. No wonder, you see a long queue in the clinics of expert Diabetologist in Bangalore. Obesity and consumption of Alcohol add fuel to the fire by putting pressure on the pancreas gland.

Research says that controlling diabetes is not rocket science. One can keep sugar levels under control by adopting a positive lifestyle. Regular exercise, morning walk, and dietary control can minimize his dependency on drugs. Experts say that prevention is always better than cure. It is always advisable keeping a close watch on blood sugar by constant monitoring. Nowadays doctors suggest that one should check fasting sugar levels biannually after the age of 30 years. The frequency should be increased after the age of 50 years.

Types of Diabetes

According to medical experts, there are two types of Diabetes, type 1 and type 2.Though the challenge of keeping blood glucose level under control is common between the two, the fundamental cause is different.

Type 1 Diabetes is called an Auto-immune disease in the medical terminology. It means that the body attacks cells of pancreas gland that secrete Insulin which is the glucose controlling element. Due to the drop in Insulin levels, blood sugar shoots up.

Type 2 Diabetes is different from Type 1. In this case, the Pancreas gland produces some insulin, but the body can't use it properly.

Both types are caused by physiological and environmental issues. Treatment methods of Type 1 and 2 are different, and they can't be interchanged. Each case is treated differently by expert Diabetologist in Bangalore. They prescribe treatment after performing detailed diagnostic tests.

Some easy tips to keep Diabetes under control

  • Keep the weight under control
  • Regulate the consumption of fats and sugar
  • Walk at least half an hour daily
  • Moderate exercise thrice a week for half an hour
  • Take medicines regularly
  • Reduce stress by practicing breath control exercises, Yoga, and Meditation

Control Diabetes by correcting lifestyle. Even if it is not cured fully, one can remain reasonably fit. Diabetes need to be addressed at early stage to avoid unwanted complications.

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