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Additional Diabetes Information:

Living well with diabetes, means taking some precautionary measures to make sure that the blood sugar level does not rise further. Here, taking herbal supplements to control diabetes can be of great help to patients with this condition. The herbal supplements when taken regularly can keep the blood sugar level under check. Diabec capsule is one such herbal supplement that can be a wonderful remedy for people suffering with this condition and also for people, who do not want to get caught with this disease. Here are some details about this capsule:

Diabec capsules:

  1. With regular use of this ayurvedic remedy, it will be possible for diabetes patients to keep a check on the blood sugar level.
  2. This capsule has herbs that were long been used for curing patients with this condition.
  3. The herbal ingredients present in these capsules will contribute a great share towards healthy glucose utilization.
  4. Even, the herbs can play a major role towards maintaining a healthy cholesterol level as well.
  5. It will maintain normal glucose level not only in blood, but also in urine as well.
  6. It will protect the body from the negative aspects of high sugar level in the blood.
  7. The ingredients will provide relief from general weakness and body ache as well.

What are the ingredients present in this capsule?

Diabec capsules are stated as the ideal herbal supplements to control diabetes mainly because of the effective herbal ingredients present in it. Here are the details about the ingredients present:

  1. Jawadi kasturi is stated as an excellent pain reliever. Generally, patients with increased blood sugar level will experience some bodily pains and these pains will be cured by this ingredient present in Diabec capsules. It is also known to increase sperm count in men and it can bring about a natural improvement in the energy level. In ayurveda, it is known to bring down disorders associated with vatta.
  2. Haldi or turmeric is added as an ingredient in these capsules as it is known to have attractive curative properties in curing diabetes. The anti-glycaemic, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of this spice are known to regularize the insulin level in the human body. It can balance and control triglyceride and blood sugar levels and can prevent insulin sensitivity. It can prevent infections and can bring about a natural boost in the immunity level.
  3. Amla is added in the herbal supplements to control diabetes due to the fact that it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, thereby playing a major role in getting rid of free radicals. This fruit also contains healthy minerals like chromium, iron, phosphorus, calcium and other vitamin like beta carotene and vitamin B. It will also have positive effect on pancreas, where insulin is produced and its chromium content will play a major role in regulating blood sugar level.

Jamun, gurmar, neem and subhra bhasma are other ingredients present in these capsules to help in curing and preventing diabetes.

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