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UBER lets you add the sweet dimension to your life, without fighting the sweet tooth or eliminating sweet from your diet. With virtually no-calories in UBER natural sweetness, you can now have all the dishes you crave for without being haunted by worries of an emerging waistline. UBER natural sweetness is also an ideal sugar substitute for diabetics. It just doesn't sweeten up a diabetic diet but also help regulate the blood sugar to normal levels.

With UBER Natural sweetness on your kitchen shelf, diabetes and calories mean nothing. Desserts, Beverages, Sweets, Cakes……UBER lets you unleash your taste buds with relishing recipes while you neither gain calories nor comprise your sweet tooth. So be it Gajar ka Halwa or Gulab Jamun…tempting ice-cream shakes or mouth-watering cakes…coffee, cookies, lemonades…or any other sweet delights.. now you have the freedom to relish the sweetness of nature without any fear. Just add UBER to your life and stay healthy naturally.

Stevia is the sweetest gift of nature. The Stevia Rebaudiana Plant, is a cousin of the Chrysanthemum family. The glycosides in its leaves, including up to 10% Stevioside, makes the stevia extracts sweet up to 300 times as compared to sugar. Stevia is arguably the best natural sweetener and has received regulatory approvals across countries and continents. This non-caloric herb is being used as a sweetener for thousands of years in various parts of the world. Stevia has been used as a natural sugar substitute for centuries together in Brazil, Japan and Africa It is the only well-known natural substitute to sugar with high intensity sweetness and negligible calories. Apart from this, Stevia is heat stable making it just as versatile as sugar for everyday use. Besides just sweetening up the diet, Stevia also boasts of various other health benefits including reducing craving for fatty food sweets, tobacco and alcoholic beverages.

In India high calorie and unsafe table sugar is used by most of the people to sweeten up their food and the alternatives available are mostly artificial sweeteners with associated health risks. Though Stevia sweeteners have emerged as the sugar alternative across the world, Indian market is largely alienated from this health boon. But, UBER natural sweetness now brings this wonder herb to the Indian market.

You can soon find UBER in grocery stores and super-markets. It would be available as powder, spoonable powder concentrate and tablets. As an inaugural offer, you can now grab free samples of UBER natural sweetness visiting UBER at

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