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Additional Diabetes Information:

I think if you tell your doctor about that, they may not believe it either. So there will be many things we don't know in this world

our stem cell center, which is one of the most advanced stem cell center in China. And there are also some experts from Japan, America, France, etc, coming to our hospital for academic exchanges.

Long time diabetes will lead to many complications of the whole body, like blurred vision, diabetic foot, heart problem etc. so if blood sugar can't be controlled, it will threaten her life.

Stem cells are effective in treating diabetes, but only stem cells is not enough, we also combine chinese medicines, which can improve her blood circulation of the whole body, and repair the damaged kidney cells, so as to protect her kidney from being damaged, and improve her kidney function. We have a complete and comprehensive way to treat diabetes and kidney damage caused.

Actually for kidney damage caused by diabetes, we have treated many cases, because nowadays, there are more and more people get diabetes, which is not easy to control, and about 80% patients will get into kidney failure. And we have a comprehensive treatment for it, so it can achieve a better result than only taking medicines, control the symptoms the patients have. This is a introduction of a patient with kidney damage by diabetes, you can check:

About the treatment, i attach the introduction, you can read. For diabetic nephropathy, it is better to treat it as early as possible, you know, with its developing, more complications will appear, and the disease condition will also aggravate, and it can also increase the difficulty for treatment.

She has had diabetes for a long time, if she has treated her diabetes early with a proper treatment, her condition may be much better than now.

And in our hospital, we also have a complete tests, to know which part of the kidneys have been damaged, how severe the damage is etc. if you can do these tests, you can also send them to us, so we can know her complete condition:

tests to check the degree of the damage of glomeruli: Cys-C, total protein in urine in 24 hours, Microalbumin, IgG;

tests for the reabsorption function and severity of the damage of the kidney tubules: 1-MG, and 2-MG,RBP, NAGGGT.

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