High Blood Sugar

Additional Diabetes Information:

There a lot of people in the US today that have Diabetes and don't take care of themselves. I hope it is just that they don't know where to look or what to look for so I created these 5 steps in the hopes that someone can learn from it and use it. Enjoy.

1. Learn about good and bad fat

Saturated fat is bad and found mostly in animal and dairy products. But, it is also found in some plant-based foods. Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats are more acceptable. Our bodies need fat to work well so don't try to cut it out completely.

2. Learn about good and bad carbs

Simple and Complex carbs. Simple carbs are just that, simple. They burn quickly and spike your insulin levels. Complex carbs take a lot longer to burn so they help regulate insulin levels by not burning all at once.

3. Weight loss –

Reducing overall calories can help especially if you are overweight. This is another cause of Diabetes. Some people eat like a bird but can't lose weight, they are probably eating less than 1200 carbohydrates a day, consuming too many simple carbs like soda, cereal, popcorn, potatoes, candy, breads and white rice all of which will spike insulin levels and cause you not to lose weight regardless of calorie intake.

4. Create a list and keep records –

Write down all the foods you consume with nutritional content listed on the labels to see what you are eating, and all exercise you do even going to the store. To help regulate your health

5. Stay away from fast food –

Fast food is a bad idea. A big mac meal and whopper meal have almost 50 grams of fat and 1000 calories. Plus almost everything they sell has bad fats and preservatives.

6. Become more active

Any exercise you do is good for you. I haven't found anything yet that will make you lose weight or reverse Diabetes being an armchair commando. Exercise will also help use excess simple carbs so it doesn't affect your Diabetes. For anyone handicapped they can use an oversized rubber band from the sporting goods store. Everything we do in our daily routine burns calories. Any exercise will help.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and take care of yourself. Everyone will be happier and live fuller lives. Think positive and be positive. If you believe in a thing it then becomes possible. Do a thing and it will become a reality.

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