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Now the medical science says, “Yes”. Before publishing the study report online recently in the journal HPB Surgery by researchers of Mayo Clinic in Florida, it is believed that removal of pancreas for various reason like cancer or precancerous cysts no one control diabetes. After publishing the report the things were changed. Now it is proved that it can be. The researchers say that it can be possible in patients with type 1 diabetes. Let us examine what study reveals.

We know that in type 1 diabetes, the cause the disease is the failure of pancreas to produce adequate insulin for converting the glucose deposit into energy. In this case the physicians inject insulin to meet the need of the body. The researchers say it also applicable to those patients whose pancreas is removed totally. The organ is removed not for the reason of insulin production. It may be of any other reason. So insulin must be replaced usually through an external device like pump or any thing else or with the help of injections. It is very necessary to maintain the insulin level in the body.

For the purpose of study the researchers examined the case for several years. They did it in 14 patients whose entire pancreas was removed. The comparison study was conducted between the patients with type 1 diabetes who were use insulin replacement. In both the groups external pumping of insulin is necessary to covert the glucose into energy for the daily use of the body. Normally both these groups had usual difficulties in controlling their blood sugar level. But no other extra complications were reported during the experiment period. After conducting the experiment for several years the result continued the same in the beginning. The findings in this experiment should reassure doctors and surgeons that removing the entire part of pancreas is not harmful for the body. It is reasonably safe and effective.

Before stating this statement loudly, the surgeons mostly, removed only part of the pancreas where ever the cysts or cancer cell happened. There was a belief that removing the entire part of the pancreas will have to make great difficulty in controlling the diabetes. So no surgeons encouraged the entire removal of pancreas. But later it found that the existing portions of the pancreas again the creates the problem to the body. Cancers and precancerous cysts may exist in the left portion. After publishing the report a wonderful and uncountable improvements had happened in insulin therapy. Patients without pancreas can control their sugar level in the blood as effective as type 1 diabetes. It provides a large quantity of mental and physical courage to medical field and patients with disease in pancreas.

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