How To Diabetes

How To Reverse Diabetes Naturally?
Here are a few remedial tips to reverse and lower your blood sugar levels:

Drink an Apple Cider Vinegar Solution:

Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water and drink it while having a meal. Its richness in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals can make your blood glucose level go down. Do this once day and you will see a big improvement on your condition.

Avoid Refined Sugar and High Carb Foods

Taking in natural foods and drinks that have refined sugar will make your condition worse. Eating foods that have high levels of carbohydrates will also result to higher blood sugar, because once you take them in, your body will convert them into glucose and will be absorbed by the system. Diabetics are suggested to eat the right amount of fresh fruits and vegetables each day instead of munching on stuffs with sweet contents and are high in carbohydrates.

Take in Pure Honey and Cinnamon

Pure honey and cinnamon are very well-known to the diabetic community because they are potent enough to reverse diabetes. You can use these natural gifts to sweeten your food or drink instead of using table sugar.

Add Zinc to Your Daily Diet potential

Zinc plays an important role in the production, as well as in the absorption of insulin by the body. Regularly eat foods that have zinc. You may also opt to take supplements that will help you resolve your zinc deficiency. When your body lacks zinc, your diabetes glucose level will be out of control.

Educate Yourself More

You should try to get more knowledge on your condition. As much as possible, keep on researching because science always comes up with something new about treating the disease. With our present technology, there can be a lot of new findings that could help to reverse your diabetes sugar level low. A lot of diabetic patients perish because of the lack of knowledge.

Natural Remedy Solution in Reversing Diabetes
Reversing Diabetes with the help of supplements and herbs, the natural way. Supplements can be very effective for type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. Below I have put together a short list, some that will do you good, all depending on the severity of your problem.

1. Fish oil starts off our list, (1,000 - 4,000 mg a day) will help lower cholesterol, reduces inflammation and improves insulin sensitivity.

2. Antioxidants, for example - Vitamins E & C are useful in reducing and balancing blood sugar.

3. Multi-Vitamins and minerals are also very useful. B-Complex vitamins are a good part in any multi-vitamin. Vitamin B-6 (50 - 150 mg a day), vitamin B12 (1000 - 3000 mcg). These vitamins are extreme ly helpful in protecting against neuropathy or nerve damage, also in reversing diabetes naturally.

4. Boost up your magnesium doses (200 - 600 mg per day) this helps with glucose metabolism, which is often out of whack in diabetics.

5. Cinnamon should be consumed by all diabetics. It really helps in lowering blood sugar and keeping it under control. One or two 500 mg tablets twice daily is the recommended dose. Use cinnamon in your crusade in reversing diabetes naturally, you will be glad you did.

6. Evening primerose oil is used twice daily to help overcome deficiencies that often accompanies diabetes. (500 - 1000 mg daily)

Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetes is a worldwide problem that has affected over 3 million individuals in the United States alone and the rate is on the rise. Ironically, diabetes is no longer a disease of middle-aged obese and sedentary professionals since large number of adolescents and children are falling prey to this chronic metabolic issue.

Although many theories have been discussed but the primary pathology is the autoimmune destruction of insulin- secreting pancreatic cells that progressively decrease insulin production leading to abnormally high blood sugar levels. Type II Diabetes mellitus is caused by a state of insulin resistance caused by persistently raised blood sugar levels.

The latest research indicates that abnormal immune functioning is the leading cause of the activation of the immune mediated destruction of pancreatic cells. Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus is more frequently reported in children and according to a recent UK report, the incidence in the number of reported cases of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM or Type I diabetes) in children has increased 5 fold in the past 20 years.

Different skeletal issues like the subluxation of spinal vertebrae serve as a source of constant strain on the body that disrupts the natural balance among endocrinological, immunological and skeletal systems.

Extensive research conducted on healthy and diabetic subjects indicated that abnormal body posture, musculoskeletal issues and persistent pain is a leading cause of stress and strain that stimulates the body to release inflammatory mediators in the blood. The musculoskeletal, nervous and immunological systems are all connected. This is especially true for spine because it acts as rely station for nerves and optimal brain activity is needed to coordinate immunological, digestive and hormonal responses by the body.

Spinal manipulation to correct collapsed intervertebral discs helps in improving the nerve functioning by relieving the pressure and stimulating healing. Besides removing a potential source of inflammatory mediators and stress hormones that increase blood sugar levels by cortisol like action, other benefits of chiropractic adjustments are a healthy and functional immune system is helpful in the prevention of diseases and infections, while at the same time also boosting immune functioning. It can also lower the risk of allergic reactions to potential allergens, improve the functioning of organs and chronic health issues, and stimulate the production of white blood cells that fight infectious and inflammation causing agents or microorganisms. Similarly, another research report suggests that 6 month chiropractic treatment can increase the CD4 count in HIV patients by almost 44%.

Researchers have also identified that besides Type 1, chiropractic manipulation can also manage blood sugar levels in Type II Diabetics. The nervous (or autonomic) supply to the pancreas is delivered by spinal nerves that exit from the vertebral foramina. Any disease process involving the vertebrae can directly interfere with the spinal nerves and spinal nuclei along the spinal region. It is therefore important to employ a holistic method of treatment for the management of hormonal or immune related issues to prevent further damage to delicate spinal structures.

There has been a lot of research done on chiropractic manipulation induced health advantages. A recent report published in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal, & Family Health gave statistical evidence of the management of blood sugar levels by chiropractic manipulation. According to the report, a 4 year-old child developed significant diabetes with persistently high blood sugar levels and was also diagnosed with spinal subluxation. Due to extremely young age, her parents opted for chiropractic therapy (and she underwent almost 24 sessions in a period of 2 months. After the therapy session ended, her doctors were stunned as the not only the spinal subluxation has improved but also the blood sugar levels. During and post-therapy, her Hemoglobin A1C was 6.5 (on 11 units of insulin) as opposed to 7.2 before therapy (on 15 units of insulin).

Chiropractic therapy is effective in children as well as elderly for the long term management of diabetes and to enhance immune functioning of the body to strengthen inherent immune defense mechanisms. Speak to your therapist for a variety of techniques available to manage systemic, neural, hormonal or immunological issues.

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