How To Get Diabetes

Additional Diabetes Information:

Possibilities of Heart diseases occurrence are 3-5 fold more in un-control diabetic's, and cut short 5-7 years of life as compare to normal person which are established after extensive researches globally. It is other surprising side that, pain in chest during heart attack are 60% less as compare to normal person. So these cases are giving financial and social burden on families.

Current life style, working style, continuous stress of different types and our food habits are some common factors can trigger diabetes in anyone of any social-economic group. Those have direct or their sibling are diabetic are more and early prone to diabetes, because in this group genetic factor also play important role. One should know clearly,that once you are diabetic then you ever be diabetic, and regular medication will be your part of life. So again recall our forefathers saying, prevention is always better then cure or control.

Many international debates again established that prevention is the ultimate solution for Diabetes, but people are still unaware, how diabetes is complex and critical. I found in my 20 years exclusive practice in diabetes, only 8-10% people come forward to know it, about their next generation will be diabetic or not. while I have been felt many times the pain of mother whose loving child has diabetes, she weeps many time in a day, when she give insulin injection to control his blood sugar, and repeated pricks in finger to see the level of blood sugar and for other pathological tests.

Then I review my patients record, especially those having family history, read literature,research papers on genetics years together and developed an algorithm which can tell the risk of diabetes earlier, its beta trials, encourage us for higher accuracy, After extensive and continuous efforts cracking the code of diabetes. By our original and theoretical research, we are in condition to tell the susceptibility, Risk and age of onset of diabetes very closely, but still more work required in this field.

If any person has family history of diabetes then Genetic Risk assessment scoring system-diabetes is the ultimate answer for them.

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