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Does the glycemic index for foods help those of us who are sugar sensitive and struggle everyday to keep a healthy balance between satisfaction and normal blood sugars?

Yes, it can be a very effective way to deal with fluctuating blood sugars and help people like me who are sugar sensitive and are susceptible to going on sugar binges that are very harmful to your health. Its effective because it is easy to implement into a way of life that is easy to follow. By learning the glycemic index for foods that you love (or don't)…you can incorporate them into your food plan.

A simple method I use is this: I have a book with the glycemic index values listed so I have a handy reference with me at all times. The Authoritative Source of Gly-cemic Index Values for More Than 1,300 Foods I have also have a printed list of foods that I use all the time posted on my refrigerator. Then it is customized to me – for me.

That way I mix those foods all the time. It does not mean that I only use the low glycemic index foods. I use combination all the time. That works for me very ef-fectively. I get foods I love and enjoy and I make sure to combine with low gly-cemic foods. When I am planning to make dinner, I look at what I have in the re-frigerator and then go to my list and see what the glycemic index values are and I pick 2 low glycemic index foods, 1 in medium glycemic index foods and 1 in high glycemic index foods. That's it. That is how easy it can be to keep your sugar sen-sitivity in check. You will be in much better control and will wonder why you haven't done this before.

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You may ask – how do you calculate the glycemic index value of a meal? Do you add up the glycemic values of each food and add them up and then divide by however many units there are? Will that give you an accurate picture? The ex-perts say no. They give you a big long complicated method to do it that no sane person would do for each and every meal anyway. If its not easy to implement, its not going to get done.

Besides, here is the disclaimer even if a book listed the glycemic values for meals: Food processing, including heating, mashing, fermenting, acidifying, etc changes the nature of the carbohydrate, so a calculation of the precise glycemic index value for meals or recipes is not possible.

So we will stick with what is possible and easy…and effective. We take the values of the foods in their original state and use those. It is the easiest method I have ever found and very effective. If you have your sugar sensitivity under control, your food choices will be better, you will have more energy, you will feel better, and your future looks brighter and healthier.

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