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Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by increased Blood Sugar levels. Diabetes unfortunately cannot be treated but it can be managed very well. Untreated and poorly managed diabetes leads to complications which are almost impossible to treat. Its very important for all those suffering from Diabetes and their families to understand the implications of Diabetes. Often people do not take Diabetes seriously. Diabetes does not produce any symptoms at initial stages, symptoms of Diabetes itself or rather High Blood Sugar levels occur at a later stage, and even then they are very non specific, like excessive thirst, hunger, weakness, frequent urination, weight loss, poor healing of infections and wounds, vaginal discharge in women, infections in men but all these may occur without Diabetes as well, this is why much credence cannot be given to these for diagnosis of Diabetes, but yes they serve as red flags for testing blood glucose levels and may facilitate in Detection of Diabetes. So this is a tragedy as Diabetologist in Delhi and Indirapuram Dr Rajesh Kesari has said in his interactions with people- when someone breaks his or her leg- suffers from a fracture they immediately run to the doctor seek treatment and are ready to go to great lengths of discomfort to treat that fracture- even if they have to lie in the bed for three month or something like that, but the fracture would have healed by itself as well if left alone even without any intervention..whereas if you don't do anything about or involved in the treatment of Diabetes things are only going to become worse day by day, and you may not feel anything till its too late. Symptoms may be felt of complications of Diabetes, which may be very disturbing and difficult to treat.

Diabetes specialists like Dr Rajesh Kesari are of the view that proper counseling of a Diabetes patient is the cornerstone of treatment and management of Diabetes. Each Diabetes specialist or for that matter and doctor involved in the treatment of Diabetes must impress on the patient and his or her family members the importance of continuous and persistent control of Diabetes. This is a time consuming process and often patients themselves may feel irritated by repeated mentions by doctors and counselors alike but nevertheless no lifestyle modification may be possible without adequate counselling of patients.

Dr Rajesh Kesari Diabetologist in Indirapuram and Delhi also suggests that Diabetics should try and understand the underlying process and fault in the body's system which is causing rise in Blood Glucose and other abnormalities in the

Body like High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and triglycerides. The basic defect like in the pancreas, which is not secreting Insulin hormone in sufficient quantities to control the level of Blood Sugar, another important factor is Insulin resistance- that is Resistance on the body cells- specially those of muscles, Fat and liver to the action of Insulin. As a result the Insulin being produce by pancreas is not able to perform its very important function of managing energy stores of the body- Fat and Glucose. As Insulin becomes ineffective it is required in larger and larger quantities, which the Pancreas strive hard to do, this is the Pre-diabetic stage, then a time comes when despite all there efforts the Pancreas are unable to produce sufficient Insulin to Control the Blood Sugar levels. The process of decreasing capacity of the Beta cells which produce Insulin is ever going and progressive, this means that with time

fewer Insulin producing beta cells are available, and a time comes when the body may not be able to produce any Insulin of its own and Such a person even though suffering from Type II Diabetes may require Insulin injections for keeping Blood Sugar under control.

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