Neem Diabetes

Additional Diabetes Information:

It is a well known fact that diabetes is a chronic disease and till date no medication has been invented to cure it completely. But by taking proper care of one's self and with good treatments a person suffering from diabetes can ensure a healthy body and long life. But if the person doesn't take care of him/her self properly then the results can be fatal. The patient might end up suffering from fatal conditions such as nerve damage, blindness, kidney damage and above all a chronic heart attack.

Basically diabetes is of three types –

  • Type 1 diabetes which is also known as insulin dependent diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes which is also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes
  • And the third is known as gestational diabetes mellitus.

It is sad but a fact that cannot be denied that a majority of well to do, upper class, rich people in India are suffering from this serious disease.

In order to treat this disease and avoid the fatal affects it is important for the patient to keep quality and sufficient quantity of diabetes supplies with him/her. Medical supplies like glucose meters or glucose blood meter help patients get adequate help in relation to diabetes and even during emergency especially when they are traveling.

A majority of people avoid buying diabetic supplies like glucose meters because they are very expensive. However, with a little search online and a little effort a person can gather good information on diabetic supplies. These supplies can ensure good health and an excellent control over blood sugar levels in the diabetic patient's body.

Here are some options for medical supplies for diabetes that are actually affordable and ensure healthy glucose sugar levels in the body:

a) Insulin cases: These types of cases play a major role in protecting the insulin from different weather conditions such as extreme freezing and heating. These cases can also be useful to protect the insulin while traveling and roaming around.

b) Blood glucose monitor: This device is widely used to monitor blood sugar levels in the body. It is highly recommended to use these monitors to completely avoid those complications that result due to diabetes.

c) Protective Socks: People suffering from diabetes tend to suffer from foot problems. Protective socks are ideal for protecting their feet from wounds and pain. There is a large variety of these socks readily available in the market.

d) Blood pressure monitors: Diabetes associated with high blood pressure can result in many heart or kidney related problems and even cause eye diseases. Therefore, besides maintain normal blood sugar levels it is also important to maintain healthy and normal blood pressure levels.

e) Glucose tablets: Patients suffering from diabetes usually suffer from low blood sugar levels. This can turn out to be a serious health problem in case of people suffering from diabetes especially if the patient is on regular insulin dosage.

f) Glucose gel: This gel is useful for a person suffering from hypoglycemia.

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