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Being a Diabetic with a sweet tooth might seem like an ironic curse. Unfortunately, a fondness for sweet things can play havoc with our blood sugar levels causing a quick spike which then leads to a plunge. Resisting the call for sweet tempting treats can be troublesome but fortunately possible, as suggested by Diet and Nutrition experts at


  • Load up on protein
  • Protein is a macronutrient which takes the body a long time to digest. Eating a decent sized portion of turkey, chicken or fish can curb food cravings for hours afterwards. The reason is that proteins are made up of complex molecules that the body spends a long time breaking down in order to release the nutrients. As such, proteins can keep us fuller for longer and cut down our desire for cravings.

    • Sleep and drink!

    Often when the body craves sugar, what it is really saying is 'give me energy!' Sugar is nothing more than empty calories which give us a quick energy boost. Otherwise, sugar is redundant in nutritional value. Many Dietitians and nutritionists are of the opinion that when your body is calling for sugar, it's telling you that it's tired. Getting plenty of rest, eating a balanced, nutrient rich diet and loading up on water can help the body's engine run more effectively.

    • Hardwiring

    Our bodies are hardwired to seek out fat, salt and sugar. In times of famine, fat would keep us full and sugar would give us a quick, much needed dose of energy to propel us a little further. Most people, by the time they are children, have a natural sweet tooth and find it hard to resist sugar laden foods. Understanding that the body is hardwired to be attracted to such foods despite their poor nutritional value can help us tackle our cravings from a logical, rational perspective. We do not need to be slaves to our dinosaur brain. Instead we can feed our bodies with healthy foods that keep us well, fit, strong and fed.

    • Treats are okay

    People with diabetes aren't automatically exempt from eating sugary foods. It is true that too much sugar leads to blood sugar level spikes. That said an occasional sweet treat won't do much damage. In fact, eliminating sugar altogether can cause you to think of sugar as a taboo leading you to indulge more frequently. If you know that sugar isn't forbidden, you can eat it sparingly without over indulging. If you know that you'll be eating a sweet treat, try to plan the rest of your daily diet to factor in such foods.

    • Fruits and vegetables

    Often we can satisfy our cravings for sweetness by indulging in natures own candies. Fruits such as strawberries, watermelon, oranges and grapes can hit that sweet spot whilst still giving us a hit of nutrition. Smoothies are also a great substitute. Vegetables such as sweet potatoes can also hit the spot.

    Remember, it's okay to enjoy sugary foods and indulge our sweet tooth from time to time but don't make it an everyday habit.

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