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Additional Diabetes Information:

Losing weight is an important factor in controlling your diabetes and a good prevention against the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. You might have tried various plans and subscriptions and might have failed in achieving what you intended. I'm going to provide you with some simple tips to help you lose your weight.


  • Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. They help your body work better. They help your metabolism and speeds them up. They also give you the feeling of being full which will help you resist desserts or taboo snacking.
  • Eat smaller meals throughout the day. It's better to have smaller six meals than three heavy ones. This is much more efficient to your metabolic rate and will aid in weight management. This also helps to reduce sudden spikes in blood sugar levels in case of diabetics.
  • Make exercise a daily habit. Daily exercise along with a healthy eating plan will burn more calories and build lean muscles. You cannot starve yourself or even eat a healthy diet and expect permanent weight loss, it simply won't happen. Exercise is always the key to weight loss.
  • Drink more water. Water is essential for metabolism. You need more water to keep your system functioning at optimum rate, so be sure and get at least eight glasses a day and time it right.
  • Add whole grains and other wholesome foods in your diet. Processed and fast foods takes more time to digest and adds more junk than your body can handle. Your body has to deal with all that excess fat, sodium, sugar and other garbage to be working on slimming you down. Think before you eat every bite, make sure it will be working for and not against you.
  • Don't eat at night. Although it may be tempting, it will disturb your metabolic efficiency, actually into the next day! Get your healthy meals in at least three hours before going to bed. This helps to reduce the amount of work your body has to put into to digest the entire meal.
  • Stay motivated. It's a commitment to a totally healthy way of living for the rest of your life. Always document your efforts in a daily journal to keep you on track, and make sure your routine stays fresh and interesting.
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