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Additional Diabetes Information:

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is probably the last word that men would want to hear or experience. It is of no surprise that there are many misconceptions surrounding ED. However, recent medical studies have shed more light on it causes. Earlier, it was thought that sexual weakness is only found in elders and age is the great cause. But it has been revealed that ED is quite prevalent in younger men due to certain lifestyle factors and psychological issues.

Before understating the fact that how diabetic subjects experience feeble erection, it is important to know how erectile dysfunction develops. It's all in your brains. On sexual stimulation, it is the brain that is activated first, which sends signals to the blood vessels and the nerves to promote an erection with the help of certain neurotransmitters and hormones. The spongy chambers of your penile organ receive abundant blood to expand the organ for an erection. Any hindrance in this process could make you feel erectile weakness. Psychological issues such as stress, depression and anxiety can stop the brain from sending signals, preventing an erection process.

How diabetes causes ED?


Diabetes is a chronic and lifelong condition in which a person's blood sugar levels are higher than normal. It is known to affect people who are not able to produce enough insulin that regulate blood sugar. So, when a man is having diabetes, the potential risk factors of developing impotence are blood vessels damage, poor circulation and nerve damage. Typically, diabetic neuropathy (nerve weakness), a common complication, can make a man develop ED.

When a man is sexually aroused, the brain fails to send signals to the penile organ for an erection due to nerve issues. At the same time, a powerful chemical called nitric oxide is not secreted enough to boost the blood flow. Poor blood supply to the penile organ can cause listless erection. In addition, people with diabetes are vulnerable to high blood pressure, which is also one of the ED causes.

So, what you need to do? Firstly, seek medical help to get appropriate treatment for diabetes. Secondly, follow healthy lifestyle – eat right, exercise, maintain weight, do not smoke and manage stress. Concurrently, you may need an ED medicine that can increase the blood flow to the penile organ. You can talk to your doctor to know more about diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

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