Symptoms Of A Diabetic Person

Additional Diabetes Information:

Glucose values vary depending on the time of the day, your activity level, and your diet. Your sugar level of 154mg/dl which is high may not have been determined while you were fasting. If it had been, a physician would have repeated the test .Your doctor did, and your level was determined to be normal at 74mg/dl.

If you have had high blood sugars for a while, even only moderately high blood sugars and start working to achieve lower blood sugar targets you may find that you feel shaky and even downright sick as you bring your blood sugars down to the normal range. This is because over time, your body has become accustomed to those much higher blood sugars and it interprets the normal blood sugar as being dangerously low. When this happens, the body secretes fight or a flight hormone in order to push the blood sugars back up to what it erroneously thinks is the safer zone. However if you test your blood sugar during false hypo, you will see that it is not below the 70mg/dl level that defies the beginning of the mild hypo range. That is why it is very important to test your blood sugar when you feel hypo and to only treat a hypo when it is true hypo, not a false one .If you are not taking insulin or an oral drug that causes increased insulin secretion like glipzide or amaryl, there is no reason to treat a hypo at all as your body will recover on its own.

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