Type 1 Diabetes Diet

Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetes is a disease that raises an individual's glucose levels beyond the normal range leading to health complications if not treated on time. The reason for the rise in glucose is because people with diabetes are not able to convert food that they have eaten into energy that is needed in the body. Furthermore, insulin which is produced in the pancreas to help the body convert glucose into some energy cannot be able to do so because there is no insulin or its production has been reduced significantly. Those suffering from Type 2 diabetes have high levels of glucose in their blood and are deficient in insulin in the body.

Initially, Type 2 diabetes was commonly diagnosed in adults but this has changed with some children being diagnosed as well. The main reason why children are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes is because of the change in lifestyle habits, dietary patterns and obesity that is prevalent in the society today. The management of Type 2 Diabetes in children is similar to that of adults except with a few changes to incorporate things that are appropriate for children.

There are people who at high risk of getting Type 2 diabetes especially if some of their family members are affected as well. It has been revealed that genetic links are a great pointer towards the development of this type of diabetes in many people. However, there are other factors that increase the risk diabetes referred to as Type 2 diabetes developing and they include those who live a sedentary life, obesity, increased blood pressure, increased alcohol intake, eating diet that is high in fat, gestational diabetes, age as well as the ethnicity of the person.

The treatment of this type of diabetes is not available and most times it continues to progress to the point that it cannot be managed anymore leading to loss of life. However, with some lifestyle changes the life of a person suffering from diabetes can be prolonged allowing them to achieve their dreams as well. Some of the lifestyle changes that go a long way in managing the diabetes includes improve diet which eliminates any foods that will enhance the development of health complications and incorporate those that give the body nutrients. Exercise is also very good in maintaining good health for a diabetic because it prevents the body from increasing in weight while keeping the muscles strong as well.

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