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Diabetic Nephropathy is one serious complication of Diabetes. It is known that it can be reversed if receiving proper treatment at the early stage. However, once the protein urine appears, it is very difficult in reserving the condition so that it is crucial to stop its progress. Under right condition, stem cells are able to self-renew and differentiate into kidney intrinsic cells desired to improve the damaged tissue by disease and remit the state of renal hypoxia ischemia and renal microcirculation. Stem cells are able to repair and divide into Beta cells which are able to release insulin to further improve blood circulation and recover kidney function. Recently, a clinical research on Stem Cell Transplant for Diabetes Nephropathy by Chinese experts on Diabetes shows that Stem Cell Transplant in 61 patients with Diabetic Nephropathy has improved the urine, blood and kidney function in great degree. Experts introduce that Stem Cell Transplant for Diabetic Nephropathy is safe and effective especially at the early stage.

Diabetes Nephropathy patient must pay attention to glycemic control. Hyperglycemia can promote sodium reabsorption of kidney, which adds extracellular fluid volume, increases releasing of atrial natriuretic factor (ANF). ANF augments glomerular anterior vessels, constringes glomerular posterior vessels, which lead to form renal hypertransfusion and high filtration; advanced glycosylation end products can lead to increasing of flomerular basement membrane and mesangial matrix, and then injure renal structure and function.

However, urinary albumin is extremely relevant to glycemic control. Strict glycemic controlling is the key of prevention and reduction of incipient Diabetes Nephropathy. Excessive protein intake, especially vegetable protein with bigger molecules, can add to renal filtration damage and accelerate glomerular capillary sclerosis. Low protein diet conduces to kidney protection, but this dietetic therapy is too early for earlier Diabetes Nephropathy.

Is Stem Cell Treatment effective in Diabetes Nephropathy? The conventional therapy must be combined with later treatment. With the development of medical science, Stem Cell Transplantation technology has been applied to Diabetes Nephropathy treatment. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital Stem Cell Transplant Centre, the damaged renal cells are repaired and reversed and renal function is rebuilt by bringing the transfused Stem Cells into play. Stem Cell Transplant technology brought a great hope for the mass of Diabetic patients!

Stem cells are a class of unspecialized cells capable of self-renewing and differentiating into any type of cells to repair and replace the worn and damaged cells. Transplanted into body, stem cells move to damaged part to produce more tissue-cells or organ-cells to replace the damaged cells functioning continuously so that the goal of treating disease is achieved.

Stem Cell Transplant, an advanced technology in medical world has been performed in treating kidney diseases and has significant effects on kidney disease, which gives patients suffering from the condition new hopes to live high-quality of life and gain healthy again.

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